Natural newborn photography at your own home.

We all know how delicate and wonderful babies are when they are born: those tiny hands and feet, those light smiles on their faces. They bring joy and amazement in everyone’s life, especially in their parent’s life. The parent’s love is perceptible, in every look they give to their small babies, in every gentle caress, in every delicate kiss. We all know also how fast life goes by. Just a snap of the fingers and that delicacy and lightness is already gone and we strive to remember those first days when our kids were born and they were just entering our world. To help to fix in your memories those instants, those days, at Studio Milla we decided to open up a series of opportunities for newborn parents with our natural newborn photography.

As a becoming mother, you can choose to take a newborn photoshoot with us and we will follow you on those exciting months while you are waiting for your baby to come to life. Then, we will have time to take pictures also of your new family and of your beautiful baby, of course!

Alternatively, if you want to have a special memory of those days, we offer also the opportunity of a comfortable session in your house where the newborn will feel at his or her ease. In fact, we will create at home your own special set where your newborn will be the protagonist. Every baby is different from each other and everyone has unique characteristics that deserve to be highlighted: a special way of moving the little feet, a curve of the mouth, and a spark of curiosity in their eyes. As professional newborn photographers at Studio Milla, we like to keep things simple and classic, for you and for your babies. Therefore, this means, no stress, no rush. Just the simplicity of your own environment, the comfort and warmth of your house. We would love to accompany you in those first days with your baby when everything seems a turmoil and you are hit by a hurricane of love and energy. We would love to be with you while capturing the emotions of those days.

With a vast range of possible poses and expressions to capture, we do not need props and special settings. A simple blanket, the baby’s cot, natural light and a classic black and white composition: the result will be unique and it will emphasize the beauty of your newborn. So do not worry about preparation and timing: we will take care of it and we will be patient and wait for the perfect shot. It is natural newborn photography and it will not require any particular artifice: we will just portray the result of your love.