Newborn baby photography in the comfort of your own home.

Newborn baby photography is becoming more and more popular. The moment your little baby is born is one of the most precious times in your life. The newborn quickly becomes the most important and beautiful person in your family. Such exceptional moments are really worth capturing. Think about photographs showing your cute sleeping baby, these lovely little feet or adorable expressions on the face. Take the opportunity of retaining the precious moments of the first days of your child.

Newborn baby photography sessions are usually done when a baby is less than two weeks old. 

This may seem soon, however you should know that this is the most appropriate and favourable time. First of all, this is the time when babies often stay in the foetal position and lie curled up. It looks cute and delicate in the photographs, and gives the impression of the baby’s newness in the pictures.

Also, it is the period when the little bodies are plastic enough to put them in the desirable poses. Obviously, it is done without the smallest harm to the infant. Newborns sleep most of the time, which enables us to take precise pictures. And indeed a sleepy little infant is what many people love the most about newborn photo shoot.

Newborn baby photography requires a lot of patience as well as knowledge of how to make babies safe during a session.

We always want you and your baby to feel secure and comfortable during our photoshoot. That is why such sessions take place in your homes, in your baby’s natural surroundings. We are flexible and creative, which is especially important with such delicate and unpredictable models as newborn babies.

As far as the style of photography is concerned, newborn baby photos usually depict naked babies lying in various types of blankets. This is the most classic type of newborn baby photography which shows the beauty of a baby in different poses. Sometimes we can add some props to pose the baby if you have it at home. Also such objects as handmade woolly hats, various headbands or skirts for infants can be used to make the photos more attractive and unique. And they make a very endearing picture, too. We always love to give you photos which are as natural as possible. Our style of newborn photography is modern and timeless and we mostly shoot in black and white.

Newborn alter so quickly. Even a few days can bring about changes. Remember about the first days of your baby’s life – it is a crucial time if you want to have newborn photographs that you will cherish forever. In the article you can see some curly sleepy newborn photos as well as those focused on details, such as a baby’s tiny hand.

Newborn baby photography can be a life bonding experience. The photos can be taken with older siblings, which also results in a beautiful keepsake for the whole life.

If you like our newborn pictures and if you want to have an unforgettable memento of your baby’s first days of life, contact us. Invite us to your homes, and we will have the pleasure of taking pictures of your adorable newborns and becoming your favourite family photographer.


If you would like to book a newborn baby photoshoot with Studio Milla send us a message with your due date and your address using our contact form.

We will pencil your due date in our calendar and then schedule a newborn photoshoot during the first two weeks after the birth.

Please note all our newborn baby photoshoots are done at our clients’ homes. We do not shoot newborns in the studio.


If you would like to do maternity photoshoot as well our Bump to Baby Photoshoot Packages are for you. They include two separate sessions: maternity and newborn at special price.