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Christmas is over and time of using up your gifts is here. I got a fantastic gift this year under the tree. As a pregnant future mommy, a session with a newborn photographer Central London is the best and most thoughtful gift anyone could ever give me!

I live in Central London. I always seemed to be one of those London moms who were always focused on their careers and savings plans. Then I met my husband at some after work drinks and we started enjoying our company together more and more. Well, and what do you know I end up planning a wonderful wedding and a family.

I became pregnant and from then on, I couldn’t wait until out little girl arrives. I’ve even started looking for a newborn photographer Central London on Google, but I could never truly finish my research. There was always something that either distracted me, like shopping for a new baby crib or painting the walls peach-lilac colour. It’s a big job you know. So, my research always was on my low priority list. This is a mistake however. Researching the photographer is very important, especially if you want to have the best one around. You don’t want to end up with a photographer that you have to pay for and delivers poor quality photographs. You won’t be able to refund or retake these photos.

Mommies who are expecting and haven’t got a professional photographer yet can only count on luck. The good ones are always booked up by moms way in advance. There are ways how you can prepare yourself. All you need to know is when to book your photographer. Timing is everything. As it is with everything in life.

best newborn photographer Central London

Good tips for new moms

So, I have a good tip for you in the future if you’re ever going to have a second baby.

Book your newborn photographer Central London in advance.

The best thing you can do is book the photographer as soon as you receive your due date. Professional photographers know how these things go. You can ask them for some availability around the week of your due date. If you have a professional, you should receive this type of flexibility from them. Let’s just hope that the baby arrives that week. I have a friend who was over due for three weeks! She had to cancel her session in the end because she was suffering a lot just get the baby out.

Another tip I have for you is to do your research. I could never finish mine but I know that researching your photographer is worth the effort. You should check out a photographer’s portfolio of work, client referrals or even check out his or her availability or response rate. It’s important to test these things out before you make your final decision. As you know, newborn photography is ever-lasting. That one photo will be special for life. You won’t be able to reshoot newborn photography as the little angels change so fast. The best time to do newborn photography is within the first two weeks.

The rule to apply

Generally, the rule is – the earlier the better. So, make sure you take your time researching so you can find the best photographer to take pictures of your lovely baby. I was lucky. As my friend is a control freak, she told me that she even met up with the newborn photographer Central London in advance. She did this to check out if the photographer was worthy enough to give to me as a gift. Sometimes, desktop research is not enough if you want the best of the best. Or crème de la crème of newborn photographers in London. She had a quick chat with the newborn photographer Central London over a quick cup of coffee and asked the right questions.

top newborn photographer Central London

Preparing for the session

Since this session was a gift, you’ll probably understand that I am super excited to use this gift up. I don’t know so much about newborn photography. The only recent thing I’ve seen is over Facebook. A lot of my girlfriends have babies a they’ve posted up only all types of newborn pictures. Whether in a basket or curled up in a blanket with a ribbon on top of the baby’s little head. This year, there was a lot of Christmas themed newborn photography with Christmas trees or angel wings. Personally, I thought the angel wings were a great idea. It somehow really reminded me of those portraits of little angels in churches.

Well, I somehow can’t decide on a theme I want. I know that the holidays aren’t over. Since I’m due any second, maybe I can do a new year’s theme or even a Christmas theme. Why not? Christmas themes don’t involve necessarily Santa Claus or Christmas trees. You can also have fake snow, snowflake decorations and the like. What would you choose as a theme? Would you keep to the holidays or would you already think of spring? Just like in fashion, a season ahead, haha.

The essential question

The never- ending question is, should I also involve the photographer into the actual date of birth? I am seeing a lot of celebrities online posting pictures directly from the delivery room. Some even take videos. I am not sure whether I’d personally be comfortable with a video. But maybe a nice photo of the baby in my arms would be lovely. I would then frame the photo with the title ‘my angel’s first minute here’. Isn’t that cute? I am just throwing ideas around here guys. If you have a clever tip for me or a good idea, please feel free to leave a comment below. Don’t’ you just love when people share excellent ideas?

I am so excited for my session with the newborn photographer Central London. I am really thankful for this gift. If you have any friends that are expecting a child – this is a fantastic gift for a birthday or something. It’s a very personal gift that creates something truly special. None of that materialistic nonsense, but a gift of true substance and value.

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