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Finding the right newborn photography packages London can be quite the pain. Luckily, I know just exactly who you should turn to! Plus, you’ll find that there are excellent packages out there. You just haven’t found them yet.

Looking for an excellent deal on newborn photography? Finding the right deal, the right value for the right price can be quite challenging. I admit. It’s like finding the right shoes – quality and price are sometime very far apart. DO you know what I mean? Nonetheless, you are in luck. There are excellent newborn photography packages London out these for your convenience. These packages are fantastic in terms of making a valuable purchase, while also having a memorable experience. Let me explain such a package for example in detail. But first, I’ll need to explain the context.

Once your baby arrives

Newborn photography and newborn photography packages London is obviously for mommy’s expecting to deliver their little baby soon enough.

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Or in some cases babies – can be twins or triplets. I know for example that I will have twins, as both of my grandmas are from a set of twins. Double trouble – right? At least I’d have solved a reoccurring event in one go. I always wanted two children. I am not going to lie – it would be rather funny if I ended up with triplet. Oh my god, can you imagine? Having the utmost respect for those moms, I can’t even think how I’d handle all three babies. I think I’d need an extra pair of arms. Haha!

But coming back to the topic, newborn photography is all about capturing the first couple of days or weeks of your baby’s life. And this is where newborn photography packages London come in, as you’d want to document your baby’s growth within the first year. Now, we all know that they change from one day to the next. Their ears come out more, there nose get bigger, their check get chubbier. Also, don’t forget about the eyes. Their eyes start to sparkle more as they become more curious about this world and everything that goes on in it. So cute!

If you don’t believe me, just ask another mommy who has children. She’ll tell you all about the stories of how her baby transformed within the first year. I always say, it’s within the first year that our children develop their main features. It’s in about this time that we start those discussions about resemblance. You know, if the baby is more after mommy or daddy. That’s why it’s so important to document the first year.

How does it work?

newborn photography packages London UK

Let me explain to you in detail how newborn photography packages London work.

Usually, a newborn package includes three sessions. The first session is always in the first couple of weeks. Sometimes even within the first couple of days. I would recommend doing the first newborn photography session within the first two weeks of the baby’s life. This is simply because they still cuddle up when they sleep. Don’t you think they are so cute when you wrap them in a blanket. What I love as well is when they also have a ribbon or a flower on top of their heads. I just love newborn photography.

Anyways, I am getting a little distracted here, envisioning the cuteness of the first newborn photoshoot. So cute, my gosh! The second newborn photo shoot within the newborn photography packages London should be roughly around the sixth month mark. In six months, the baby will have already changed and grown. Some features will be noticeably different. For example, the baby will have more hair.

Moreover, the baby will be bigger in size. Yes, it’s incredible how fast a baby can change within five or six months. The last session should be around the child’s 1-year birthday. Imagine, you will have a photo documentation of three milestones: first weeks, six months and 1 year. You can frame these three photographs next to each other, to tell a lovely story of evolution and growth. What do you think?

Ask for a fourth session

If the photographer is willing to plan a package for three sessions, I am sure that there is room for one more. Imagine having a complete set of newborn photographs. The first being directly in the delivery room. Or the first time the baby is delivered to your hands. Who wouldn’t want to capture this magical and emotional moment? Especially since this moment comes only a couple of times in our lives, if we are lucky. Therefore, newborn photography packages London can be quite flexible.

Here is what you do. Ask your newborn photographer to include a price quote on newborn photography directly in the delivery room. Just for your consideration, you’ll have to expect that the delivery room photo will be more pricy. Why might you ask? Because the photographer will have to lock two or three days in their calendar for some flexibility. We all know that babies can come days earlier or later. Sometime weeks, and unfortunately sometimes even a month early or a month late. Yes, this is quite a risky business when it comes to predicting your due date precisely. However, if you ask the photographer well in advance, they will give you that flexibility you are looking for.

I am sure that you can negotiate with the photographer to include the delivery room photography session into the newborn photography packages London. Expect a nice discount. I think it’s well worth trying. That’s why these newborn photography packages London are so desirable. They are fantastic when it comes to the comparison of price and value. A truly valuable purchase if you ask me. You should act quickly, these packages go fast. Make sure to check out the price options of your favourite newborn photographer!

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