Understanding of newborn photography prices

Newborn photography prices seem all the while competitive these days, don’t they? Everyone is always looking for the best deal. Well, if you choose to select me as your newborn photographer, I guarantee that you will be happy for the quality and price deal. You won’t find anything better!

First of all, if you’ve got a lovely new little baby at home- then a big congratulations are in order! It’s not everyday that you become a parent. It’s quite a challenge, yet the rewards of unconditional love are so rewarding. So, I hope you look forward to your new family journey. Speaking of which, when referring to newborn photography prices, please don’t allow yourself to put a price on ‘priceless’ memories and photos. These little angels grow and change so fast, you’ll forever regret it if you don’t decide to go for newborn photography.

Let me tell you a little story about my client

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My client has her second newborn photography session with me, with her second child just being born. Unfortunately, she didn’t manage to book a first session with her first child because she was too worried about the baby photography price list. Specifically, she was looking for something super cheap yet something super high quality. Let me tell you, newborn photography is the type of photography which you need to throw some money on. Otherwise you’ll end up with crappy photos and it’ll all be a waste.

Nonetheless, she didn’t go for newborn photography for the first time because she didn’t feel comfortable for many reasons. Let me tell you – she was so upset because she saw her first child change quickly. I guess you can say she had slight feelings of guilt. That’s why, with the second child, she didn’t hesitate for a single second. I totally support her decision of finally deciding to go forward. Trust me guys, this is the investment of a lifetime.

Are you one of those hesitant parents?

Well if you are one of these parents who are now researching the average cost of newborn photography uk – then stop! Stop right now! I am telling you – price should not be the decisive factor, and it is certainly not the most important criterion. Remember, your child will only be this little for a certain period of time. What you should really be focusing at is the quality of work. Especially, if you love the end result or the portfolio of the newborn photographer.

I believe you should actually look at two things. One is the existing portfolio of work and the second are references. Fortunately, I am one of the top newborn London photographers in both of these aspects. The best part is, I also have Bump to Baby Photography package.