5 tips for newborn photoshoot

We bet you are head over heels for your little newborn baby. And you spend most of the time looking at the baby, imagining his or her future, wanting to fix in time these special moments. We got it right? Well, we, at Studio Milla, had seen a lot of mums, so we know how you feel. And precisely because we know how you feel, we are also able to deliver the best photo shoot for your newborn child and for you, of course. And that’s also why we want to prepare you for the shooting with this list of tips and tricks for the best newborn photoshoot ever! 

1. Keep the baby safe and comfortable 

Of course, everything is made for the baby. So the environment, the lights and the setting need to be safe, comfortable and warm. Cuddle them, play or sing a little music, do not use string lights as flashes. We will keep them also warm with blankets and baby cots. They will feel protected and safe. It will be a pleasure to capture their serenity. 

2. Decide the theme and poses

There are a lot of poses and backgrounds we can use for your shooting. A simple one, a fairytale one, a natural one… Moreover, as kids are unpredictable, we need to plan ahead, we will need to set up the setting beforehand for the big day. And then it is all playing with the baby! Gentle move them and they will be happy to pose for you, especially while sleeping. 

3. All together 

Of course family is important. So as a professional photographers we involve also parents and potentially siblings in the newborn photoshoot. Again, it is possible to opt for a more traditional family picture or to be creative and play around with your kids! 

4. Be patient 

We already said that children can be unpredictable, right? So, no one needs to get upset while they are trying to understand what is happening around them and maybe they start crying. It is absolutely normal and it is a response to a novelty for them. So, we, as professional family photographers, are patient and we will wait until the newborn gets ready! 

5. Accessories and details

A part from the background and poses, for a newborn photoshoot we can also use accessories provided by you to complete the setup. As for example, the baby favourite Teddy bear, or a rocking horse where to put your baby, or even a rocking chair full of cushions. At the same time, we would love to capture also the small details during the newborn photoshoot. Because every detail matters: a little smile, his or her small feet and hands, a kiss you give to the baby. 

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