Outdoor family photographer in London

Tis the season of snow and beautiful white scenery. We all know that us Britons rarely get a glimpse of snow. Hence, it’s also time to get an outdoor family photographer for some amazing photos. Start looking before the snow melts.

Yes, it is quite rare for us to even get a glimpse of snow. Especially when it comes to places in or around London. Some people perceive snow storms as a natural catastrophe. Schools are shut down. People are snowed in and choose to stay inside for a couple of days. I’d say this is the perfect opportunity to get some amazing photographs with snow in the background. There is nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous winter wonderland backdrop. Quickly, start looking for an outdoor family photographer.

Look fast! The snow is melting!

That’s right. No one knows for how long the new snow will stick. If we are lucky, it might last until the first week of January. But I strongly doubt that statement.

I honestly think, that the sooner you start looking for an outdoor family photographer, the better.

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Ever second you waste inside wondering whether a family portrait is worth it, the snow is slowly turning into mushy mud. And nobody wants photos with mud, wind or rain. Not so great nor fancy. Plus, if you’re out with children, you might end up with some dirty pants or shoes. Make use of the fresh snow. Its beautiful and not so messy.

Animals are family too

I have a gorgeous white rare dog breed that just looks gorgeous in the snow. We just got him from the pound, poor thing is more than ten years old. In any case, we love him to bits. We made stunning Christmas family portraits this year with our new family member. After that, we put them on Facebook and everyone loves them. So, why not involve the family pooch if you’ve got one? Animals are family too!

Let me tell you more about my dog Pluto. He is a gorgeous rare breed that you can only find in central Europe. Being a herding and mountain dog, he adores snow. His has a white fluffy fur coat, that shows so well in the snow. He is a large fluffy dog. The breed is Slovak cuvacz. If you don’t know this breed, and you probably won’t then think white retriever – twice the size! Haha, yes he is big. But his contribution this year for that perfect family portrait was amazing. We took a professional outdoor family photographer and we made beautiful Christmas and holidays cards this year. We have to repeat this process.

To make things fun, we even put antlers on him and he loved them. For one day, he was a reindeer. So incredibly cute. Out daughter also had matching antlers and we of course had our warm holiday jumpers. Now that there is snow on the ground, I think it’s a great idea if we repeat this process and make more stunning photos. I mean, who knows how long Pluto will even be here. Again, he is more than ten years old. He is a senior when it comes to dog years. We must make of this opportunity.

More ideas for outdoor photography

Now that I’m thinking, I would love to take Pluto and the family to Hyde Park. I am not sure whether I can take such a large dog there. Other people might mind and some runners might even complain. Pluto is not an aggressive dog, he loves children and other small animals. However, if can sense negative energy as most animals can. He doesn’t like people with negative or aggressive behaviour. For this reason, we also went for an outdoor family photographer that we already know and feel comfortable around. If you’ve got a family pooch, make sure your outdoor family photographer likes dog. This is essential.

Now that I think of it, you don’t have to use an outdoor family photographer only for family portraits.

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Did you know that it’s the season of engagements? Yes! Love and weddings all around. Christmas and New Year’s is the typical time for someone to pop the question. I know already two friends who have got a new ring on their finger. Why not use this opportunity to use the outdoor family photographer for some stunning outdoor engagement photos.

It’s a trend nowadays to do engagement photos. I mean, have you seen Prince Harry’s and Megan Markle’s engagement photos? It was also outdoors with a stunning green backdrop. Gosh, that huge ring on her tiny fingers was gorgeous. Had I had a ring that big, but we can all dream, wink wink.

From traditional to modern engagement photos

Prince Harry is one lucky guy. She is a wonderful lady. And so beautiful! I love the fact that they made a different type of engagement photos. They weren’t as royal or traditional, but rather modern. Remember Prince William’s and Kate’s engagement photo shoot or interview in her stunning blue dress? These traditional engagement photos usually take place inside the walls of Buckingham Palace. I was really in shock when I saw Prince Harry’s and Megan Markle’s engagement photoshoot. Outside in their coats. I love that this royal couple is so modern.

They set a lovely example for us to follow. You too can have a ‘royal’ photoshoot outdoors. I wonder which outdoor family photographer they used – maybe it was their traditional royal photographer. I don’t know. We have to do a bit of research and look into this. But don’t you agree? Doesn’t this royal couple look more modern to you? Love it.

Where to find an outdoor family photographer

If you are struggling to find an outdoor family photographer then look no further. Please check out Studio Milla Photography: Milla is a wonderful outdoor family photographer who specialises in other types of photography too. Just take a look at her portfolio. It’s definitely royal worthy! You’ll see.