Outdoor family photoshoot in London

We love wandering around our city, so full of wonderful spots and surprises. London is also a perfect city for photoshoots with al its parks, monuments, and cosy corners! So, there’s no wonder that a lot of families, with kids or simple couples, decide to have aa tour around the city and stop to click on the camera and to fix on the screen a beautiful memory of the day. But why don’t you take a step further and together with a professional photographer, organise a proper outdoor family photoshoot? At Studio Milla, we are more than glad to help you do that and also find the right spot for you in the city!

Without any doubts, there are some spots in London which, with sun or rain, are perfect for outdoor family photoshoot and creativity. Some examples? Sure, forget about the walk on the Thames, we are talking about the majesty in the core of the city: Hyde Park. 

Hyde Park

It is one of the nine Royal Parks of the city and the biggest one in London, loved by citizens and tourists, theatre of many events and absolutely one of the most known parks in the world. 

vacation child portrait Hyde Park London

No, we are not exaggerating, Hyde Park is such a beautiful area in the centre of the city that it is able to summon people from all over the world, fascinated by its gardens, trees, and especially lakes, such as the Serpentine.

Loved even by princesses and authors, Hyde Park has entered history through the caption of the park in many books, first of all, Peter Pan. To the amazing boy has been dedicated a statue, built near the lake, with all the fairies and lost children.

autumn children portrait Hyde Park

Which is, of course, a good point to start an outdoor family photoshoot in Hyde Park. There’s nothing better to convince your little kids to look into the lens, while they just want to play around. Well, well, little boys, just smile to your hero while your parents try to catch you and we will be ready to capture the moment forever. 

Of course, that is not the only landmark of the park; the entire park actually is a landmark! So you just need to choose your favourite spot, maybe that little corner next to the Kensington Gardens, where your grandma used to sit? Alternatively, why not, the entrance from Queensway, with all the astonishing trees and flowers.

Well, in the park, there are many possibilities for outdoor family photoshoot, especially during summer, when the light of the sun and the blossoming of the flowers are at their best. In this period of the year you can let your kids play around, in the grass, you can sit freely on the beautiful and limitless lawns of the park, you can be free and enjoy the park, and you can be yourself. And in all this joy with your family, don’t forget to smile, because every moment will be ready to be printed and be ready for your memories. 

In a park such as Hyde Park, we will be more than glad to help you and your family to find the greatest composition to take an unforgettable family pictures. We, at Studio Milla, will help you to wander through the park to find your perfect spot which will highlight all your family love and bonds. That is what you were waiting for, right? So, plunge yourself in the nature of Hyde Park and just smile. We will help you to keep your family memories forever!

outdoor family photoshoot at Hyde Park London

St Paul’s Cathedral

It is probably one of the most iconic landmarks of the UK capital and it is also a perfect background for a family photo shoot. It’s classical architecture, the little gardens surrounding the Cathedral, its proximity with the Millennium Bridge and the South Bank! For sure, St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of our first choices. 


Greenwich is a little treasure just a few steps away from the city centre. Apart from the Royal Museums and Observatory, in Greenwich, you can find a beautiful park with stunning landscapes suitable for nature lovers. And of course, the Cutty Sark is also perfect for a quick stop with kids! 

Kew Gardens

Situated in south London, precisely in Richmond – home of one of the greatest Royal Parks, Kew Gardens are especially famous for their botanic garden, where it is possible to admire and discover plants and flowers from all over the world. But, apart from the great collection of the flora of the gardens, a simple stroll around the beautiful paths of the gardens, observing the little lakes and the great pagoda is worth enough the visit! And of course, what’s the best way to remember the whole trip than some photographs?

Walking around the park will let you discover some unusual places, so amazingly nestled in the atmosphere of the garden, which was so loved by one of the greatest British authors of all times, Virginia Woolf. Even if you decide not to follow the steps of the writer, you will find your own voice and artistic flow, just looking at the wonderful delights in the gardens. So, we will work on creating the best atmosphere we can draw from nature for the perfect portrait’s framing. Instead of a dark, dull or already-used scenery, we will have the possibility to take a great family photoshoot in Kew Gardens, with an explosion of colours, nature and of course your smiles! 

Nature is something astonishing and emotional, as life in a family: that’s why we believe that a splendid park as Kew Gardens can be a perfect reflection of your life together, highlighting your feelings and your strengths. 

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is one of the best-known neighbourhoods in the city and it is considered one of the most romantic ones. But it is also lively and perfect for London outdoor family photoshoot, with its little and narrows streets – mews – and the graffiti that, together with houses and doors, colour up even the greyness of the sky!

Regent’s Park / Primrose Hill

Regent’s Park and the road up to Primrose Hill are one of the most beautiful and romantic sceneries in the city. Of course, you can bring along your kids to play around in the park, among trees and flowers, or you can have a ride on the boats. Moreover, you can reach out to the London Zoo or you can have as a background the whole city thanks to the belvedere terrace on top of Primrose Hill. 

Shoreditch / Brick Lane

Lively, artistic, full of little shops, bars, entertainment but also street art, graffiti and its hipster but multicultural atmosphere: Shoreditch and Brick Lane are the perfect places for young families! Colours, little alleys and a bohemian surrounding will make your London outdoor family photoshoot memorable!