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The importance of printing your family photos

In the digital age, it's easy to take photographs and share them with the world. We snap pictures of our families, friends, and ourselves with our smartphones and cameras, but the photos we take are often never printed. We leave them on our phones, computers, and social media accounts, thinking they are safe and easily accessible. However, there is something to be said for the importance of printing your family photos in the digital era.

We are bombed with all kinds of images: photographs, flash pics, selfies, videos. We can find stocks of images online, entire portfolios downloadable in just one click. So, when you read that there’s a lot of importance in printing family photos you will just laugh off. 

Timeless prints are better than digital files

Yet, all these online pictures are ephemeral. When the server goes down, when the website is no longer available, the picture is gone as well. Nowadays, we tend to save everything, including photos of our dearest people, in our smartphone or tablets, someone still saves them on their hard disks, someone in their pen drives and cd-ROMs. Well, these extraordinary machines have a life span and they will probably abandon you without giving you the time to save those memories in another format. 

New devices are coming in, and we don’t need any more pen drives, CDs, and disks. Sure, there are cloud services or social media. That’s true, but who knows what can happen to those services in some years. And then we need to consider also the privacy aspect: whose keeping our pictures online? Where our photographs are really stored? Those are questions that need to be asked, and the answer is not always a simple one.

Printing family photos allows us to have tangible memories

In a world where everything is becoming digital, having physical copies of photographs is becoming rarer. Printed photographs give us the opportunity to hold and touch them, creating a deeper connection to the memories they represent. There is something special about holding a photograph in your hands, feeling its texture and seeing the vivid colours that don't always translate well on a screen. Printing your family photos means you can keep them in an album, on a wall, or in a frame, so you can easily look back on them whenever you want, without needing to search through files on your computer.

Moreover, we don’t even realise how many pictures of ourselves we have. They are hoarded in some drives or in some pc folders that we don’t even remember, and we never look back at them. We do not have the pleasure of sitting all around the table, searching for old pics inside a worn-out box which your mom carefully took out of the closet. The warm smile on the faces of your darlings, when they discover an old pic, the amazed look of your kids when they discover you were a kid too. Nothing can compare the splendid atmosphere that a bunch of old pictures can create, not even the most advanced and technological device. 

Printed family photos are a great way to pass down memories to future generations

Technology is constantly changing, and it's possible that digital photos will not be as accessible in the future as they are now. Printing family photos ensures that they will last longer and be more easily accessible to future generations. It's important to remember that our digital storage devices may not be compatible with future technology, making it impossible for our children and grandchildren to access our digital memories. By printing photos, we can preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

Printing family photos creates a sense of family history and identity

By having printed photos of our ancestors and past family members, we can connect with our family history in a more tangible way. We can see the physical resemblance between family members and trace our family lineage through photographs. Having printed family photos in our homes can also create a sense of continuity and identity, reminding us of where we came from and what our family values are.

Printing photos is a way to celebrate milestones and achievements.

When we print photos of special moments like graduations, weddings, and family vacations, we're able to celebrate them in a more tangible way. These printed photos can be hung on the wall or displayed on a shelf, reminding us of the joy and excitement of those moments. It's important to celebrate these milestones and achievements, and printing photos is a great way to do that.

Just imagine how wonderful it will be sitting around the family table, all together again, looking at those photographs and be moved by those memories. Or printing a large family photo and hang it framed in your living room. So, whenever you will come home after a long day, or a journey from the other side of the world, you will be warmed up by those lovely smiles watching and protecting you from the photos. That’s why it is so important to print your family photos: they will be our sweet companions and we will cheer with their good memories.

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