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Tis the season to find the professional family photographer London before Christmas! Have you booked yours yet? If not, you should do so immediately.

I don’t know about you, but I can definitely hear the Jingle bells in the background. Today I was sipping my Christmas blend Starbucks latte and I suddenly realised that Autumn is over. How the heck did we get from summer to winter so fast? The trees are becoming barren and I can’t see any more colours. So, as Christmas is here, there is no better time than to think of getting a professional family photographer London for a lovely Christmas portrait photo shoot. Christmas photo shoots are important. You can get plenty from them. Especially, a funny Christmas card or a memorable family portrait, that’s for sure.

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Before I get into details on booking a professional family photographer London, I just need to reminisce a bit. I still can’t believe its winter. I was so excites about getting fabulous autumn shots of trees changing colours. There is this one specific tree that I adore, not sure what it’s called. However, it changes in the most beautiful way from bright orange to deep red. In fact, I was up in Yorkshire this weekend. I still found that there is a lot of ‘autumn’ spirit left there. It felt more like autumn around October than mid-November. So, if you are looking for some decent last autumn photos with the gorgeous colours, travel upwards. Take your professional family photographer London with you by train. I am sure he or she would be more than happy to take a round day trip with you!

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As I way saying, you can take your professional family photographer London to a destination of your liking. If you feel like the atmosphere in London is not there yet for you in terms of Christmas, then why not capture the last moments of autumn. Especially in the country side. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Yorkshire or Northern England. You can go just outside of London, just a twenty-minute train ride away. There is some stunning scenery around Chiltern Hills. Personally, I’d go to Bath. I know it’s not the closest, but it’s so beautiful.

Obviously, the professional family photographer London will want you to cover the journey.

Plus, it doesn’t have to be a pricy option. Just book off-peak single tickets and you’re done. No need to book first class coaches, unless of course that is what you prefer. In which case, I wish I had this option for travel. If you have a secret spot or a favourite location that is very dear to you, then don’t be shy and approach the professional family photographer London. Ask him or her for a quote and I am sure you will both manage to find a way which suits you both. It really is not that uncommon to bring your favourite professional family photographer London with you.

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Plus, I think it’s a great way to get to know each other and talk about your expectations. The more the professional family photographer London knows about you, the better he can capture your portrait and character in the photo. Also, what do you know? Perhaps, you’ll both develop a close working relationship and even become very good friends. This happens all the time and can be a great advantage if you’ve got kids.

Family Photography in London

Capturing the perfect photo in London can be difficult. Luckily, it’s the time of year that’s in between the seasons. So you don’t get the full crowds of tourists coming in. Even though there will always be tourists. But you know what I mean. If I were you, I’d do my research now and find the most beautiful Christmas tree in London. I would use this as a backdrop for my holiday Christmas card or a holiday portrait to send out with some greetings. There are so many things you can find in London that would fit perfectly to this theme.


I don’t know about you, but Harrods have a very cozy effect on me. They usually have stunning Christmas displays and these too can also look great in photos. Your photos will have the perfect lighting and will look nice and Christmassy. If you’ve ever been to Galeries Lafayette in Paris, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. They are known for their Christmas windows and creating the most wonderful atmosphere. Every year, they have a different themed Christmas tree right at the centre of the shopping department. Needless to say, that is humongous and beautiful!

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I recommend you checking out what Harrods has on display at the moment. Perhaps you’ll find your favourite tree on display, or favourite decorations. And not to worry, you will not cause any hassle or fuss. If the staff or some sales assistant begin to ask questions, simply say the truth. Just say that you find their display beautiful and that you want to take a picture with it. And that you’ve brought your private professional family photographer London with you. Just pretend you are loaded like some family from Saudi Arabia, where they hire servants and assistants for everything, I am sure the Harrods staff has seen everything, and you will more likely get away with it. Otherwise, just be rather quick with taking the photos.

Ask the photographer

If you want a Christmas card this year with a personal greeting on it, but have no clue where to take it, it’s simple. Just ask your professional family photographer London for some advice. It’s not the photographers first rodeo and I am sure that he or she will give your great advice. Perhaps, they could even share their favourite secret location in London for Christmas photo shoots. When in doubt, just ask.