Professional newborn photos in London

As a new parent you are constantly bombarded with advice – let me guess. The next type of thing you get most advice on is where and how to get those perfect professional newborn photos in London.
So – talking about advice, I’m sure you’ve had an earful. How to dress your newborn, what milk substitute to use, which pram or baby alarm to get, and so on.

My best advice to you however is something that might seem a little less practical at first. But in the long run you will be thankful that you did it. I am taking about getting professional newborn photos taken. Believe me once you hold those professionally taken photos of your newborn in your hands, you will be happy about the decision.

The crispy sharp photos with perfect colours and perfect lighting are completely worth it. Even if you feel you have enough on your agenda already as a new parent.

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Why even think about it?

You might be asking yourself – why get professional newborn photos in London? If you think about it, you use professionals for a number of other things in your daily life. Probably without even giving it a second thought. When was the last time you undertook a repair on your car on your own for instance?

People are professionals in their subject for a reason. Because they are good at what they do, and this is something the rest of us can make use of. Probably you yourself are a professional in some field.
And even though it might be something a bit less hands on; say teaching or banking for instance, it still counts. Therefore, it also makes perfect sense to go to a photographer to get your next professional newborn photos in London taken.

Personally I am incline to cut a corner and just do something myself. Some things go well, others not so much. And when things don’t work out exactly as planned, you usually have to live with the consequences for quite a while. This becomes particularly important when we are talking about your newborn children. Because here you don’t have many second chances to do things over again.

In essence this is a good reason get those professional newborn photos before it’s too late. Everybody says that kids grow up so fast, and it sound like a bit of a cliché. However, there is of course some truth in it. Especially during those first years you will see the change and growth. The time frame in which to do the newborn photos is very limited. This is why you need to get it right the first time. You can do that by hiring a professional.

Newborn phase over

If the newborn phase is already behind you, there might be someone in your circle of friends who could benefit from this advice. Hence of some of your friends are about to become parents for the first time, what better gift than a photo shoot! This way they can get their own set of professional newborn photos  without having to worry about anything. All they would have to do is book an appointment when convenient. Certainly, a much better gift than the usual pacifier or clothes that the child will grow out literally within months. With professional newborn photos your gift to the little new family will be a lasting one.

If you are the father of a newborn child this might also be something for you to consider. Mother’s day is coming up and now it’s no longer enough to buy your own mum some chocolates. Now you also have to celebrate your wife or girlfriend’s new motherhood.

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And what better way than to surprise her with a photo shoot for some lovely professional newborn photos in London.

Not only do you get some fantastic and memorable photos of your newborn, you also give your wife an original gift. I’ll bet you that if you do that, she will be bragging to her friends about what a good gift you got her for Mother’s Day. Here is your chance to score some points and get good photos of your newborn child at the same time. Some of your guy friends might give you a hard time for putting pressure on them with such a gift, but that you will have to take in. Trust me though, it will be completely worth it in the end.

Considering a theme?

Maybe you are considering to put a theme on your professional newborn photos. This can be quite a nice idea and there a many options to what you can do. Even though it is still pretty cold outside spring and not least Easter s just around the corner. This is something you can take advantage of when having your professional newborn photos in London taken. Of course, the pictures don’t need to turn into a flower show or some sort of Easter decoration.

However, to place some seasonal flowers around the newborn will look amazing and give a totally new dimension to the traditional portrait. For this time of the year think of tulips of daffodils. You can also go with the Easter theme and place some decorated eggs or an Easter bunny in the shot with the newborn baby. In either case this has a nice symbolism of new life and growth. Quite perfect for your professional newborn photos.

Prepare in advance

In order to have a successful photo shoot it is a good idea to prepare yourself. Most importantly you need to make sure to book the appointment at the studio at a time of the day where the newborn baby is the easiest to deal with. As a parent you will know this after some weeks, if it’s better just after feeding or after a nap. Naturally it is difficult to coordinate completely as the child’s rhythm can change a lot in those first months

Another good tip for succeeding with your professional newborn photos, is to pack a bag of stuff you might need should something unforeseen happen at the photo shoot. This could be bottles of milk for the newborn if you don’t breastfeed. Or a favourite toy or pacifier to keep the baby calm during the photo shoot. Of course some diapers are a must as well. If you follow these tips you could get some fantastic professional newborn photos in London that you can keep and cherish for life.