The first thing that your professional portrait photographer will tell you is “Don’t go to the print shop. Just don’t.”

Guys, this is literally one of the most rookiest mistakes you can make. Print shops are one of the worst places in terms getting good deals. Think about it, when was the last time you got a good deal for printing something out? I can tell you, had my first experience at a print shop when I wanted to professionally print my academic thesis. You won’t believe how much this crap actually cost me. Any guesses? It cost well over a hundred quid for two copies. Might I add, it was like eighty pages. Absolutely rubbish! My point is, don’t print your photos directly with the print shop. You’ll get the worst price possible. It’s always better to negotiate with your professional portrait photographer. Why wouldn’t you want to print out your photos from your family photoshoot in London with your photographer? When it comes to this, trusting your photographer is the best thing you can do.

Paying customer price is rubbish!

As a direct customer in the print shop, you will always pay a premium price. The professional portrait photographer usually has a good deal already lined up with the print shop. Therefore, you’ll get your money’s worth. Plus, the added value comes in the excellent customer service that comes with a great photographer.

First, you won’t pay the premium price that everyone else has to pay. But you know what, when it comes to this, price is still not the key deciding factor. I can tell you exactly why you should print your photos from you family photoshoot in London.


You’ll get exactly what you need

When you work with a professional portrait photographer, you’ll find out that he or she will tell you exactly what product is suitable for you.

In the shop, they might try to upsell you other accessories or products, that you don’t even need.

professional portrait photographer family Hyde Park LondonFor example, along with the family portraits from your family photoshoot in London, the salesman might immediately bump your price up, telling you stuff like: ”you can easily bump up your definition or contrast in your photos if you pay extra”. Or, he or she might even say the standard ” if you purchase one print, we will give you a ten percent discount on the frame”. And boom, the price goes up immediately.

With the professional portrait photographer, you will have a consultation included in your photography package. You will immediately know what’s best for your print and if a frame is needed. You won’t need to engage in any dramatic sales stories or something like that.

It’s always best to work with someone who has a lot of experience and who can tell you from the heart what is best for you. This of course, also depends on your photographer. Well, you won’t find a better photographer than Milla! Click right here:  Children and Family Portraits London

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