Regent’s Park children photography

I know I’ve been recently posting about family photography in Hyde Park. Yes, it is one of the best parks for any type of lifestyle photography in my opinion. However, it is not the only park in London. In fact, London has many more parks which can give you the same outcome you desire. And today I am going to tell you more about children and family photography in Regent’s Park.

Regent’s Park is one of the oldest parks in the city of London. Believe it or not, but it also belongs to the family of royal parks. I know it sounds like there are many here in London, but in fact, they are only a few that are worthy of such great attention. Therefore, you’d expect nothing but complete perfection and natural beauty once you enter Regent’s Park. It’s also a very sought-after park in London.

beautiful Regent's Park children photography in London
mother and daughter photoshoot

Nowadays, new mummies take their lovely children, businessmen take their lunch break, and families spend a lot of time picnicking.

Of course, this only happens when the weather is kind to us. Nonetheless, this park is used by many types of people, for many different purposes. So, you’ll be sure to find some children and wedding photographers.

Regent’s Park is in the city of Westminster and in the London Borough of Camden. Yes, the park is so large, that it spreads across two parts of the city. In terms of locations, it is rather central. I agree, it’s not as central as Hyde Park. However, it’s just on the north-western edge of London, still central in my opinion. Lastly, it’s very accessible. Just take the tube and you’re right there!

natural Regent's Park children photography in London

History of Regent’s Park

Are you also a history lover? Personally, I love to learn more about a place where I take photographs. When you do that, you’ll create a special connection to the place that will allow you to take even better photographs.

Now, getting back to talking about history. Did you know that Regent’s Park dates back all the way to the Middle Ages? Sometimes, it’s very scary how old London actually is. I tend to forget that this historic city has been through so much, especially since we live in such a modern age.

Nevertheless, back in the Middle Ages, it was just a larger piece of land that belonged to a smaller village just outside of London. Later during the reign of Henry VIII in the 1600’s, it became a part of the royal grounds. To be honest, this has not changed till this day.

In the late 1600’s, it was known as Marylebone Park. Throughout almost two centuries, the park served as hunting grounds for the royal family and nobility. Now, if we fast forward time to the 1800’s, this was roughly the time it became to be known as Regent’s Park.

This was due to Price Regent (or King George IV). He was in charge of elevating the park to an entire new level, making it accessible to the public in 1835. However, in the beginning, it was only accessible for two days a week. Still a great success, considering the success the park has today.

I could go on and on about the history of Regent’s Park. It also, quite unfortunately, has a somber history. But I’ll get to that in a few moments!

mum and son Regents Park children photography London

Now, the reason I’d say that Regent’s Park children photography is so amazing is because of its gorgeous lake.

In fact, every single time I glance at this beautiful lake, it reminds me of an impressionist painting. I feel like I am in a totally different world.

Regent's Park children photography London

The general stress of hectic London just disappears for a minute. There are boats always on the lake, swans. It creates one of those perfect backgrounds in the picture that are hardly real anymore. The lake is very known for its boating area and waterfowl. Absolutely stunning scenery!

However, before I boast about children photography in Regent’s Park, you should know, that the lake has a dark secret. Mind you, it’s an old park so this really shouldn’t surprise you. But, on one really icy day in a winter of the mid-19th century, the lake was completely frozen over. As you could imagine, by this time the park was accessible to the public. There were more than two-hundred people, which stood over the frozen lake. Unfortunately, the ice cracked open, taking fourty lives that day. So, there you go, that’s the dirty history on Regent’s Park.

black and white portrait of the boy

Let me remind you, that this was a very long time ago. Nowadays, people use this beautiful lake as a backdrop for their wedding, engagement and even graduation photos. The park is so full of positive energy, its ambiance can charm any new comer.

Perfect site for children and family photography

Regent’s Park is close to a university, so you’ll find tons of young people coming and in and out of the park. In fact, there are four schools around Regent’s Park. This will explain all the sports activities you’ll see happening there. Lots of people playing frisbee, dancing, doing yoga, etc. If your kids are old enough and you are more interested in high energy photos, then this is the park for you. With the 166 hectares that park has, there is more than enough space for you to experiments.

little girl black and white portrait Regent's Park children photography

Furthermore, I think this park is also great for smaller children for two pressing reasons. Firstly, the London Zoo is just around the corner! Don’t be surprise if you smell a stench every now and again. It’s coming from the zoo. But no worries, the scent of the flowers from the park should do the trick. You shouldn’t really feel so much when it comes to the animals.

There are just so many things I could keep on telling you, why Regent’s Park  is perfect for children and family photoshoots. This park has so much more features to offer. You’ll have to read my next post to find out more! And trust me, I’ve got many tips for you that you won’t want to miss out on!

Spring is my favourite season of the year and Regent’s Park is full of flowers now. Have you seen those gorgeous cherry trees yet?

little girl wearing pink dress standing on the wooden stairs Regent's Park children photography