Regents Park photography for your family

The sheer beauty of the park along with its beautiful lakes make this park of the perfect places for family photography in London. Did you manage to read up on my last post? You can read all about Regents Park photography and the history of the park here Regent’s Park children photography. You’ll find all about the how old the park is, and its secret. Oh yes, the park has secrets. And if you are willing to get into Regents Park photography, then you’ll need to know all about the secrets of Regent’s Park. Curious? Check out my last post.

The Royal Parks of London

Just a reminder, Regent’s Park is a one of the Royal Parks here in Britain.

Regents Park photography LondonTherefore, Regents Park photography is very popular for upper class and Londoners. There are many royal parks here in London that you can enjoy and consider for family photography. Let me just give you a list so you can see how incredible London is. Perhaps you’ve even been to a few. I bet you have!

So, just to name a few:

Richmond Park – this is the largest park. Best for taking pictures when you are dealing with a large group or if you are doing children photography. Kids can run freely anywhere they want.

Regent’s Park – one of the most beautiful parks, known for its large lake and boats.

Bushy Park – the second largest park in London. Also, an excellent location for family photoshoot with lots of deer

Green Park – is repeated just as it’s named. Absolutely gorgeous.

Hyde Park – one of the most trendy and central parks. Very accessible and excellent for kids.

Greenwich Park – knowns as one of the smaller parks in London.

Kensington Gardens – right next to Hyde Park.

St. James’s Park – one of the greenest parks in London. Definitely a competitor to Green park.

Just by naming a few, you can see how lucky we are here in London.

I still think that Regents Park photography is one of the best options out there.

Regent’s park is also one of the greenest and most beautiful parks. I would class it in the top three parks of London.

Benefits of Regents Park

If you are the more of a sophisticated person, that enjoys privacy during photoshoots, no problem at all. Regent’s Park is then definitely for you! One of the main benefits of being in a royal park is that you can purchase a specific spot for a full hour. Amazing, right?

Why not just make Regents Park a private backdrop only for you? I’ve recently checked out Regents Park, a photographer needs an official permit anyways if they want specific areas, which usually the most beautiful. The permit is issued to the photography for a maximum of one hour and limited to twenty-five people. Therefore, you’ll have to plan your Regents Park photo shoot in advance.

Regents Park photography London

This might help you save that precious time that can ultimately your photos perfect.

So, in order for you to get the permit, you or your professional photographer will have to complete an application and submit it to the park office. It’s super easy, doesn’t take any time at all. Most importantly, you won’t come into any conflict with other park guests that might want to spoil your photoshoot. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact your professional photographer or the park office itself.

Regents Park is literally the best

Now back to the description of the park itself. Would you believe that Regents Park has more than 12,000 roses? Just imagine having these as your backdrop for a family portrait, engagement or wedding photos. Romance and beauty at the same time. You can find these roses in Queen Mary’s Gardens. So, now do you see why getting a permit might be a good idea? I think the roses are definitely worth it.

The amazing lake

I know that I’ve already talked about the lake and how fabulous it is. Just imagine hiring row boats and making photos. You can literally do couples photos, family portrait photography, anything you want. I wouldn’t risk doing wedding photography on the boats. God forbit you slip and fall into the lake with the big white dress. That would really be a disaster! In terms of Regents Park photoshoot, if you will consider using the lake a backdrop, you’ll need to plan a little. Why you might ask? If it’s a windy day, posing on a boat will be almost impossible. Make sure you have somewhat clear skies and weak winds.

Ever heard of Primrose Hill?

Have you ever heard? It’s one of the best views for a London skyline. Great for any type of photos. However, perhaps a bit boring for children’s photography. I prefer using the parks gorgeous green scenery and wildlife. Preferable, some birds will stay long enough in the frame for beautiful photos.

best family photoshoot London Regents Park

Primrose Hill, which is only a small park of Regents Park, is also not so suitable for children because children hate to walk up hill. How do you think you’re able to get such a view. Everything comes with a challenge or sacrifice. And if you’ve got small kids, they won’t be as patient with you going uphill. Primrose Hill is great for couples!

Accessibility is also great

The park opens really early at 5am, everyday. I think it can be a great opportunity to get either a good run in the morning or great photos. If you are willing to wake up so early, you can truly get beautiful morning photos with the morning mist slightly covering the edges of the grass and the trees.

Also, there won’t be a lot of guests at that hour. Therefore, you might be able to sneak a photoshoot before all the guests arrive. The park closes at 9:30, so there is plenty of time for you to get gorgeous photos.
Let me know if you’ve been to Regents Park and perhaps you can share your secret locations?