Teen portrait photography is an up and running social media hit.

best teen portrait photography LondonWe probably all remember our teenage years as a challenging time. Maybe even a little bit awkward. A time of braces, first loves, transition and self-development. And I am sure that if you have teenagers in the house yourself. You probably experience your fair share of rolling eyes and slamming doors. However, the teenage years are also an important time in a person’s life, and a time to remember. One way to remember is to have portraits of your teenage child taken. Hence the importance of teen portrait photography. Even though they probably get their picture taken in school, this doesn’t necessarily show the real person.


Go with the flow

A different way to go is to have professional portraits taken in the teens’ own environment. For example, if your teenage son is really into sports! He will probably be easier to persuade to have his picture taken in this environment than just simply in a studio. Many teenagers will most likely protest to a studio session finding it boring or “lame”. Therefore, my advice is that you take advantage of your kids’ interest if you want to make nice teen portraits. Sport pictures are great. But you can use any interest that your kid might have in his or her teenage years. Whether it is playing base guitar in a band, painting graffiti or dancing ballet. There are great photo opportunities here.

You may remember some years ago it was popular for teen girls to exchange little bracelet charms. From for example Pandora, as a toke of friendship. Nowadays where pretty much all attention has shifted to social media, the youth exchanges photos instead of bracelet charms. So how about getting a portrait done of our teenage daughter with her best friend. Friendship in this tender age is a very special thing. And if it doesn’t fall apart in this age there is a good change that it will last for a very long time. I am sure your teenager would love to have this time captured in a professional manner. In this case it pays off to hire a professional, for the teen portraits.


There is a further upside to teen portrait photography.


The obvious one is that you can keep the pictures for yourself. And remember these days once the kids are all grown up and maybe having even left home for university or other things. Alternatively, you can give beautiful professional teen portraits to the grandparents. It doesn’t matter how old a child gets. Or how difficult a teenager might be at home with you, they will always love their grandparents.

best teen portrait photography London

And you can be sure that the grandparents will be happy to have photos of their grandkids in their front room, even teen portraits. There is even a chance that your teenager will even team up with you in this matter. In order to score cool and cheap Christmas presents for the grandparents. Let them think they are winning this game but in the end, you get the teen portraits that you wanted to have.