Baby photoshoot in London

Probably it is one of the best moments in everyone’s life: giving life to a new person, taking care of the baby, cuddling him or her for the first time in your life. It is pure joy, and it is comparable to a work of art. So why do not use another great art to remember in time all these splendid moments and book a baby photoshoot with us?

Let’s list 10 reasons why you should book a baby photoshoot! 

  • Let us start from that: it is an art. And it is so cool! Photographing babies is the hottest topic in professional photography at the moment. Thanks to the fact that babies are such a wonderful subject, or maybe because a professional photographer is able to take out the best, the funnier, the most extraordinary poses out of them, baby photography is such a wonderful and cool way to express your tender feelings for your baby. And also have a funny day with your family! 
  • If you ask us to photograph your baby we will be with you throughout the WHOLE experience. At Studio Milla we offer the opportunity to take pictures of you with the bump and then, when the baby will be born, with the newborn and all your family. We will make a connection, you won’t be just clients. Whenever you will need us, we will be with you with our cameras: first birthday, family portraits, graduation… Going too fast maybe? Who knows, they grow up so quickly that IT is better to be ready! 
  • Baby photography can be challenging. Of course, with all the new technological equipment IT is easy to take pictures at home. But there’s nothing like the expert guidance of a professional photographer. At Studio Milla we offer you the opportunity to take a baby photoshoot in your comfortable home, to help you build your photo book. We will also use the right setting and we will take care of all the technical details. 
  • Newborn babies are quite a wonderful experience. They don’t talk, they don’t understand in which way they have to look, but anyway, they are one of the best subjects ever. The best moments happen when they finally smile and that smile will be fixed on film. Or when he or she will fall asleep and you can play around with the baby, positioning the newborn in funny and tender ways. How marvellous are they? We can snap the right picture exactly in the moment when he or she will make that funny expression! Or simply lay the newborn in his or her blanket and watch that peaceful expression while we fix it in time. 
  • They will always be kids to your eyes: but even better if you can remember them through photos when they will be grown up! So why don’t you ask a professional photographer to take those pictures for you? We will be glad to help you! Creating a photo book can be difficult if you don’t know how to start: choosing the right pic, printing it.. We will do that for you, throughout a planned photo session and developing the pictures for you. 
  • We don’t need any special equipment or special setting. What we need is just the camera and your smiling baby: they are a source of good quality photos and details without the need of great settings and preparation. Probably the baby cot and a Teddy bear will be more than enough as a setting! Or if you prefer, we can use some of your accessories to make the session a bit funnier or extraordinary. 
  • As new parents, you will be filled with emotions. Right? Well, you can be part of the picture of course! Taking a baby photoshoot with all of you together, also with siblings, it is one of our favourite things to do! Oh well, we will all end up in a big embrace! Because it is love that matters. And it is love that we will transfer in our photos. 
  • We said we will be glad to welcome you in our studio, preparing it for your baby and for your perfect photo session. But, at the same time, we will be able to come as well to your house so you and your baby will feel more comfortable. The magic can happen everywhere, you just need to enjoy the moment. 
  • Do you need time? No worries, we can schedule the photo session whenever is more suitable for you and your baby. We all know how difficult it can be at the beginning, with a little baby and a new routine. So we will be patient and we will wait until the perfect moment comes, booking the perfect slot for you. Just please bear in mind the typical newborn photoshoots are done within the first two weeks after the birth. Then we are happy to arrange baby photoshoot when the baby is more active!
  • You will be relaxed, you don’t need to do anything special but… You will have in your hands a professional result. It is not only the simple act of taking a picture – which is not, anyway, so simple – but photography requires also editing, postproduction and planning in advance. Of course, we will not bother you with the technical details, as we said, you just need to relax!

So, what are you waiting for? Find us at Studio Milla, we are waiting for you! 

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