Battersea Park photography for children and families in London

End of August is literally the perfect time to organise a professional family portrait photoshoot in one of London’s central parks. This is generally the time, when everyone is still on holiday somewhere over seas. Our amazing city tends to become less hectic and empty. Paris is also the same, as it’s completely empty in August. With having everyone abroad or on vacation in August, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of London’s less crowded parks.Why not try the central Battersea Park and take amazing photographs of your children there? Battersea Park photography of children is the best choice all over the year. Battersea Park photography is a great idea for the beginning of September! Before I start explaining why, I’ll talk a little more about Battersea Park.

Battersea Park

So, where exactly is Battersea Park? Obviously, it’s located in the heart of our city. However, to be more precise, even though it’s central, it’s really located on the south-western side of London. Moreover, it’s on the southern side of the Thames River. Are you starting to see why Battersea Park photography is a great idea?

In comparison to Hyde Park, it’s not as big. Battersea Park is roughly 200 acres. Basically, it’s still pretty large in terms of size and space, but Hyde Park is bigger. It has many features, is family-friendly and it has the boating lake which can be a great backdrop for family photos.

Definitely popular amongst Londoners and tourists alike.

Want to catch a break during lunch or just take some time to enjoy some beautiful woodlands, then Battersea Park is for you.

fall family photo shoot Battersea Park photography

You can access this park from 6:30 am, whether it be for your morning run. Lastly, the park closes at 10:30pm which in fact is quite late, don’t you think so?

The boating lake

Apart from its stunning scenery and green views, one of my favourite features of Battersea Park is the amazing boating lake. Very similar to Hyde Park, you can rent boats and have a little boating trip across the lake. Good to stretch your ‘sea legs’. Ha-ha. Maybe not the best idea if you’ve got very active children, as they may fall over. But the boating lake can be perfect for wedding or engagement photos.

You’ll need a professional photographer with a good long-distance lens to capture those special romantic moments. For close ups and angel variation, you’ll need to rent out an extra boat. Just warn your photographer in advance so that he or she can bring stabilizing equipment to the photoshoot. Battersea Park photography is so versatile, it’s great!

Riverside views

As mentioned before, Battersea Park lays directly beside the Thames River. As you can image, this brings lots of gorgeous riverside views. Moreover, you can enjoy London’s wonderful skyline. Great for sunset photos or even for professional headshots for your job. Still, be ready as it can get rather windy out there as a result of being so close to the river. I just love this promenade along the Thames River.

It has a wonderful calming effect and I feel like I am out of the usual chaos which the city brings every day. Battersea Park photography is getting popular.

Have I convinced you yet? Be my guest and take a stroll by the river and let me know what you think afterwards. If you know Battersea Park, then leave a comment and tell me what your favourite features of the park are.

Peace pagoda and the Guinness Clock

Speaking of riverside features, one of them is the lovely Peace pagoda. You almost get a sense that you are somewhere in China. Great for romance photos. Even for kids. However, I find the Guinness Clock more interesting to use for photography were children are involved. It definitely has a more playful theme than the Peace Pagoda.

Besides, the Guinness Clock almost looks magical and as if it belongs to a cartoon. You can definitely create silly and high energy shots with the clock! Plus, there are many more statues out there that you might find interesting. If I was to list you every single one, I’d bore you to death cause the list will get pretty long.

Great for children

Did I mention that Battersea Park has a great playground for kids?

Similar again to Hyde Park, you too can achieve high-energy photos with Battersea Park photography. Your kids can run around freely with you. You can jump around, be silly if you want and you can have lots of colours in the background too.

Battersea Park photography

Also, if you get tired, you can simply sit on a bench while you kids play with the others on the monkey bars or swings. Ideal place to relax, and as a parent, I am sure that the noise of screaming kids doesn’t bother or irritate you.

Battersea Park Zoo

If you think your kids will get bored easily of the playground, why not take them to the Battersea Park Zoo. Here, the professional photographer can capture stunning interactive photos. Sometimes, people can get lucky. What I am talking about is the fact that sometimes, animals tend to interact with kids.

Capturing that special moment might create a lovely memory that can last a lifetime. The tickets are not too steep and the zoo has many interesting animals that will interest the little ones. I enjoy combing photography with some educational activities. I love when kids learn while having fun!

History of Battersea Park

Battersea Park originally opened in the year 1858 by her highness the Queen Victoria. Couple of years later, Battersea Park hosted the first ever football match. Incredible, right? In fact, it was known back in the day as a “park” for football games. It saw several important English matches back in the day.

By the time of the world wars, the park’s purpose was to store anti-aircraft guns and weapons. After the war, it became known for having pig farms and being a traditional park by the side of the city.

Make sure you look into Battersea Park photography. Definitely worth capturing green moments before the autumn takes the full swing of things!

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