Being a child photographer is definitely a blessing in disguise.

As one of the top child photographer in London, I know exactly what type how to react with your child in order to get that perfect photo you are looking for.

Let’s talk a little about child photography. As a child photographer with years of experience behind me, of course I have some tips and tricks up my sleeve. I can pull this magician excuse on you all and tell you that a good photographer never reveals his or her secrets. But I won’t. I am care too much for the integrity of child photography, so I have no problem sharing some tips and hints that you can try at home yourself! So, why don’t we start.

Actually, before I start giving you some great child photography tips, I have to share something with you. That being said, in my honest opinion any mother can be a great child photographer. And this brings me to child photography tip number 1.

Make it a game

Children have a spectacular imagination. They see the world through games. When I had my daughter, I quickly came to realisation that this statement is extremely true. So, my number one advice is make the child photography session into a game – whether it be pick-a-boo or anything else. That’s why I am of the opinion, that any mom can become a child photographer when it comes to simple portraits. Of course, with a professional, the output will be of higher quality.

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Follow their lead

Don’t tell your children what to do. Ever more, don’t ask them to sit or stand – this approach will never work. This scenario the typical case of a bad child photographer or an amateur. Let the children guide you, follow their lead and above all, be patient.

Don’t force the smile

I know that everyone adores that perfect happy photo of a child smiling. This however sometimes doesn’t work. Therefore, you have to accept that sometimes, getting the perfect picture is not about the smile. Maybe you don’t even realise, but without the smile you can focus on other gorgeous features like the eyes. Moreover, you can embark on capturing a different emotion: curiosity, tiredness, anger, anything. And we all know that angry children can sometimes be quite humorous.

Take the picture fast

Another important lesson that you’ll already know if you are a mom, is that kids have no patience. Don’t take too much of their time – keep the photoshoot short and fun. If you take too much time and the child is camera shy, you might make your child hate photography shoots for life.

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If this is that case that your toddler is camera shy, then I really advise you to contact a professional child photographer.

Why might ask – where can I find a good child photographer near me? That’s easy! Just go to my site of course and have a browse.

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