Places to choose for your children photography London.

Taking gorgeous pictures of children has never been so important as now. Our little monsters grow up so far. Before you know it, they turn eighteen and go to university. True fact! Well, thank god that in day and age, we have cameras that capture special occasions of our children growing up. That’s why children photography London is so important!

best children photography London

In fact, there are plenty of occasions for child photography in London. Plus, you can choose to keep important memories for the near or distant future.

The Buckingham Palace Park

First, we all know that the Buckingham Palace area is really beautiful. I’ve walked through the park many times and I enjoy seeing children playing in the grass. Sometimes, I even find families having picnics with their kids. What a great backdrop for children photography. Imagine you and your entire family having a gorgeous picnic in one of the most visited places in the world. I think it would look great on photos. You can have the same feeling in St. Jame’s Park. In fact, in any park you wish. I just think that the park in front of the Queen’s home has a certain something to it. Also, you might also be able to capture the guard change in the background too!

King’s Cross light tunnel

There is much more to this tunnel than meets the eye. First, not only does it connect St. Pancreas to King’s Cross station. It creates this gorgeous infinity effect for pictures. Definitely one of the top places for taking selfies even. Moreover, if your child is imaginative, and is quite the little dreamer, then the light tunnel is perfect for your photoshoot. I know it’s not traditional children photography setting, but you might get that photo that will blow everyone’s mind. Also, it creates a very adventurous theme. Don’t you think so?


Natural History Museum

Is your child a smarty pants? Does he or she have a passion to learn? The setting of the natural history museum might be right for you. In my opinion, it sends a great educational message. Furthermore, that photo can be reused for a future academic application to explain one’s love of knowledge. However, the only downside is the massive amounts of people that might ruin your picture. Make sure you pick an unpopular time. Perhaps, one hour before the museum closes.

The Painted Gallery

The painted gallery is perfect for children photography. It has beautiful reflective floors, and stunning works of art. I think this might be my favourite background for any pictures. You’ll have beautiful paintings right next to you, creating inspiring photos of your little ones.

So, which location inspires you the most for children photography London?

Do you have any ideas or tips you would like to share with me? Sometimes, the secret locations are the best ones. Also, secrets should be kept forever, right? Leave a comment and tell me your secret place!