Your new family tradition: Christmas Photoshoot

We are beginning to feel it all around us: the first chill, the autumn leaves falling down, a starry and cold night spent indoor with our loved ones on the sofa drinking a hot chocolate. Well, maybe this is something that happens only in movies, but actually who isn’t dreaming about the Christmas season? And who isn’t waiting for all those lights and decorations that warm up the heart? We bet everyone is! Of course, there will be also presents, dinners and sweet moments to spend with your family. And moreover, holidays, snow – if you are lucky enough – and rushes to get the perfect gifts for all! In your Christmas routine we will be glad to introduce a new tradition, a Christmas photoshoot!

What is that you wonder? Well, if you get tired of boring family pictures where everyone sits around a table and smiles, we have a more lively and funnier solution for you: a family photoshoot in your own house, decorated as you wish, with all the props that you want and taken by a professional! Sound good? Well it can be even funnier!

Let’s unroll some creative ideas!

  • Take out your Christmas sweaters and wear them matching with your kids and loved one! There’s nothing that suits better a Christmas photo than a proper season dress! So, don’t be embarrass and get into that wonderful Christmas sweater!
  • Of course, we can do even better and use some Santa Claus caps! And why not even your puppy can wear one and be part of the Christmas family picture! 
  • What do you say? Do you also have a Christmas pyjama? Very good then, let’s all jump on the bed with your pyjama on and let’s shoot some playful photos!
  • There’s one thing that represents Christmas more than anything else: the Christmas tree! So, we will be glad to take pictures of you and your kids while putting up lights and decorations on your tree!
  • And of course, we can’t miss a series of pictures in the kitchen while you are preparing cookies and gingerbread! Oh yes, let’s put a Christmas apron up and start cooking!
Christmas family photoshoot at home

You wonder what you can do then with all these photos? Well, you can simply keep a memory photo album for the years to come, or you can print out some of them and decorate your home or give it as a Christmas card gift! Whatever you choose, a beautiful Christmas photoshoot will be your next season tradition! 

Would you like to send out a Christmas card this year ? Then you should book a Christmas photoshoot with us.

Christmas card for family

How to prepare

You can just go for a very simple and elegant Christmas portrait. Beauty is in the simplicity of things. It could be one of the traditional photos with a gorgeous fireplace in the background and a lovely decorated tree. You can personalise your Christmas cards in the end with a warm Christmas greeting. Sometimes, just wearing your favourite wool Christmas jumper is enough to translate that this is a special Christmas card.

 Choose your location

You can be creative and choose the location yourself. You can do it at home by your own Christmas tree or in a studio. Or you can also do it outside while it’s snowing. In any case, you can also have your photo taken by the city Christmas tree while you are all wearing your hats and your coats. Now that’s the Christmas spirit.

children Christmas photoshoot at home

Turn it into a tradition

Once you send your first Christmas card, you will always send one out every year. It will also become a sort of an expectation from your family members. So, you should already expect that next year you will be having another Christmas photoshoot. You can collect them each year and have a special album collecting family Christmas cards. What you can do is to pick a different theme or location each year. That would be tons of fun and it would keep the element of surprise for your card receivers. 

Christmas card is also a photo

Speaking of family portraits, did you notice that the Christmas card is actually a family portrait too?

How cool is that? You get to do two things in one go. If you make the card really elegant and simple, you can even print your family photoshoot on a large scale and frame your favourite photo.

Christmas photoshoot children at home

Personalise the card

Once you are done with your Christmas card, don’t forget to personalise it. Add a happy holidays slogan. Or something funny. We are sure you all have a funny thing or funny family memory you would like to share. We can create some amazing Christmas cards for you.

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