Give a family photo shoot gift to someone you know or someone who recently had a baby!

It’s a great idea and they’ll be forever thankful. There doesn’t have to be any special reason for taking a family portrait. But even though you might feel as if the summer barely ended, the holiday season is no longer so far away. With three months until Christmas, you might want to start thinking about gifts for your loved ones. And if you have children, you probably know how much they mean not only to you, but also to the grandparents. So, why not give the grandparents a lovely family photo shoot gift for Christmas?


There are several advantages of organising a family photo shoot gift already now. Firstly, you can enjoy the beautiful autumn colours in nature right now. So, you should definitely arrange for you family photo shoot to be outside. Secondly, you save yourself some of the Christmas stress by taking care of this gift already now. It’s basically a win win right?

best family photo shoot gift London

By arranging your family photo shoot gift now, you have the sufficient time to make the pictures into the perfect gifts.

Time enough to organise a good location, and pick out a nice frame once you get the photos developed. It will definitely be something that will warm the grandparents’ hearts.


What could be better than getting together several generations of your family for a joint purpose?

If you give a family photo gift, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend a day together as a family.

Everybody can have a fun day out, and get to spend time together in way that the busy everyday life doesn’t always allow for.

The question is of course what location to choose for this photo shoot. If you live in or near London, there are plenty of great locations to go to. Think about all the monuments in the city, and all the beautiful historical buildings and places. Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, or Greenwich just to name a few. Then there are all the magnificent parks of London, such as Hyde Park or Battersea Park.

best family photo shoot gift London
Right now, you can get some truly stunning pictures if you arrange a family photo shoot quickly.

The changing colours of the trees, all turning golden and red. The bright afternoon sunlight that you only get on a sunny autumn day. If you don’t live near London, or you just feel more comfortable with another location, there is still plenty to choose from.

Make the most of the family outing, and take a trip out into the countryside. Perhaps go to the shore. Or pay a visit to one of the many lovely seaside towns. You might be surprised but these places are actually even more charming now that the touristy summer season is coming to an end. Whichever destination you decide on, a family photo shoot will make for a lovely personal gift. Especially for special occasions! Hope you do it.