Family photoshoot in Kew Gardens

London is the city of parks. The green and tall trees, the perfectly cut lawns, the ponds and the small hills that form the splendid city parks are to be found in each one of the boroughs. But among these beauties, there’s one that stands out from the crowd, a park which is used also for scientific purposes, but which has been also featured in a literary work. Have you already guessed? Of course, we are talking about Kew Gardens

family photoshoot in Kew Gardens London

Situated in south London, precisely in Richmond – home of one of the greatest Royal Parks, Kew Gardens are especially famous for their botanic garden, where it is possible to admire and discover plants and flowers from all over the world. But, apart from the great collection of the flora of the gardens, a simple stroll around the beautiful paths of the gardens, observing the little lakes and the great pagoda is worth enough the visit! And of course, what’s the best way to remember the whole trip than some photographs?

Well, at Studio Milla, we often used the beauties of our city as the background of our photo sessions, so we came up with the idea of family photoshoot in Kew Gardens, one of the most appreciated spots in London. In fact, strolling around the park, it is possible to find beautiful sceneries for a family portrait, from the already mentioned lakes and pagoda to the arch, or simply enjoy the lively green landscape of the park. 

Walking around the park will let you discover some unusual places, so amazingly nestled in the atmosphere of the garden, which was so loved by one of the greatest British authors of all times, Virginia Woolf. Even if you decide not to follow the steps of the writer, you will find your own voice and artistic flow, just looking at the wonderful delights in the gardens. So, we will work on creating the best atmosphere we can draw from nature for the perfect portrait’s framing. Instead of a dark, dull or already-used scenery, we will have the possibility to take a great family photoshoot in Kew Gardens, with an explosion of colours, nature and of course your smiles! 

Kew Gardens family photoshoot

Nature is something astonishing and emotional, as life in a family: that’s why we believe that a splendid park as Kew Gardens can be a perfect reflection of your life together, highlighting your feelings and your strengths. 

So, get on the District Line and let’s start this beautiful stroll around Kew Gardens!