Home family photoshoot

They said that home is where the heart is. They also said that there’s no place like home. And we believe that is deeply true. It is difficult to build a home, to find a place where a heart can rest and expand to include a family. That’s why once you find a home, that will stay forever, and no other place will be like your house. And what’s the best way to keep memories of it and your loved ones? Through the art of photography of course! With home family photoshoot.

We love to keep things simple: our lifestyle family portraits are unique and original because they are shot authentically and naturally. No effects apart from the right light, no fake smiles, just your delighted look towards your kids, no fake background but just the nature around you or… your lovely home!

Sometimes going out it is not the best idea. Sometimes the weather outside is simply not right. Sometimes you cannot find the right spot. So, we came up with an idea: why not use your home as a setting for your family photoshoot? Studios can be monotonous, outdoor setting is difficult, but your home will always be the perfect place for you. There you will feel comfortable, you will feel special and you will not be under pressure. Moreover, by taking a home family photoshoot session you can use whatever comes to your mind: toys, clothes, props… 

Your home is the place where you can be yourself, the place where you can be a king or queen, a place where your creativity can flow, a place where you can roll on the floor with your kids or pets! And the idea is exactly this: to capture all this true and authentic moments for your home family photoshoot. If you want a photoshoot that is creative, original, never-seen-before, well, that’s the path we need to follow: just open up the doors of your house, no matter if it is a mansion or a small flat. We will find the right spot, we will let you play around, and in the midst of it all, we will capture the essence of your family. 

Do you think it is too romantic? Well, maybe yes, but it can be also playful, creative, joyful and a bit of an adventure. Yes, even staying at home sometimes can be an adventure, just think about all those afternoons spent with your kids playing around! That’s the spirit we want to capture and those are the best memories you will keep for the rest of time.

If you love the idea of being photographed by a professional, you will find yourself comfortable in front of the camera, wherever the photo session is set. But if you feel slightly embarrassed or shy, maybe you will prefer to set up a photo session in a more intimate and pleasant environment. Which is, of course, your house. Moreover, if you are bored with the many fashion settings that are built up and don’t look natural, if you are looking for some more natural and authentic atmosphere, well, we have the perfect solution for you: set up lifestyle family photography session at home.

1 – It is simple!

We tried to sum up some of the many reasons why you should set up family session at home, but the truth is that nothing is more convenient and comfortable in your house! You don’t have to find the right place, you don’t have to struggle to bring all your clothes and make-up, or decorations or whatever. You will have everything at hand!

2 – You will have the perfect spot

Whatever you are looking for outside, in the world, you already have it at home. And it is not just a saying! Actually, you can create a perfect setting in your house for your lifestyle family photo shoot simply with whatever you have at home: plants, kitchen, homemade cupboards, fancy beds…

3 – Be yourself

Well, for sure, if you are in your own environment you can be free to be yourself. No need to force yourself, no need to change! You can leave the mess around, you can jump around with your children, you can cuddle your pets: that’s your true self, that’s what we need to capture on film!

4 – Every home is unique

As you may have noticed, family portraits are in fashion again, and it is not easy to stand out from the common and non-creative sessions. But if you think about it for a moment, you will realize how your home is unique in its own way: nothing will be equal to another place. Your lifestyle family photoshoot in your home will be unique and unrepeatable in the same way!

5 – A natural lifestyle

While for some years we tended to look for the impossible and extraordinary, now we are returning to a more natural and authentic lifestyle. The same of course is happening in photography and family portraits. Your home creates the utmost lifestyle: simple, lovely and magic. A smile, a gesture, your kids around, their toys and your hobbies: everything that composes your everyday routine will be portrayed in a unique family photo session. And you will feel the magic too!

Are you convinced? Well, now you just need to set up your home family photoshoot appointment and we will take care of everything else.