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Why a home family photoshoot is a great idea

Today, pictures are literally everywhere. Thanks to smartphones, each of us can easily take pictures of everything, anywhere, at any time. And in addition to taking photos, you can edit them without much trouble, using the many functions available in modern apps. We bet your phone is full of photos of your children or loved ones: this is a great way to feel them close always, as photos are the best way to collect together the happiest moments of your life, spent with those you love. But selfies and DIY pictures have their limits. For this reason, a home family photoshoot is a great idea to capture your joy to be together.

The benefits of a family photoshoot at home

So, let’s find out which are the many perks of a home family photoshoot. First, taking a family photoshoot at home can help each member of the family to relax. Being in a familiar and intimate environment is indeed the best way to keep away part of the stress you can feel when organising a family photoshoot.

Include pets in your family portraits

Furthermore, being at home is extremely helpful, especially for your children. Visiting a photographer’s studio might sound like a new adventure to them, but they might find it distressful to be forced to spend a lot of time in an alien place, particularly if they are very young. Whereas, being surrounded by well-known objects is for sure ideal for your little ones to feel calm, at ease and therefore to be themselves and more spontaneous. And if you have pets, they can be included in the photos as well, which is often not convenient to take them to a studio. Learn more about FAMILY PHOTOSHOOT WITH PETS

Secondly, as your house reflects your taste and is therefore unique, a family shooting at home can be completely personalised. As your photographers, we will help you to bring out both your personality and that of your house, we will also give you suggestions on how you might move your furniture around and reconfigure a room. Check HOME BATH PHOTOSHOOT IDEA

No need to worry about rain at home

The perks of a great home family photoshoot can also involve the weather. Outdoor family photoshoots are great fun, but imagine this scene: you booked an outdoor or studio session and it starts raining at the exact moment you have to get out to reach your destination. On the other hand, if you choose to plan a family session at home, you won’t be forced to drive around, and you won’t need to worry about high or low temperatures, let alone rain or a grey, sad sky.

Create a collection of your family portraits

A home photoshoot can also be a great way to document your family's memories and milestones over time. Maybe you want to capture your children's growth and development as they grow up in your home, or commemorate a special event or holiday. By having us to come to your home regularly, you can build a collection of photos that tell the story of your family's journey.

Finally, a home family photoshoot is ideal because it is very easy to plan. In fact, in order to take a  good photoshoot at home, you will just need to tell us all your ideas, what you prefer and what you don’t like, and let yourself be guided by our experience and expertise to obtain the best result from your home family photoshoot. 

Book your home family photoshoot in London

If you are in your own environment you can be free to be yourself. No need to force yourself, no need to change. You can leave the mess around, you can jump around with your children, you can cuddle your pets: that’s your true self, that’s what we need to capture for you. Send us a message and book your family session and we will come to your place for a home family photoshoot.

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