Lifestyle family photography session

Each one of us lives some spontaneous moments, instants in our everyday life that brings a smile, a joy and a story to tell and recall in time. Each one of us, every day in our lives, is trying to tell his or her own story, through words and deeds, trying to communicate our own feelings and will to the world. Moreover, well, you probably never imagined, as many of us did not, that you could reach the same goal, telling your story, fixing in time precious and spontaneous moments, through the art of lifestyle family photography. 

Lifestyle family photography is one of the branches of this incredible art: photography. It aims to focus on people in their own environment, in their real-life situations, capturing their essence in the film and thus, doing so, recount the story of people’s life. 

Is it different from portrait photography or traditional family photography? Well yes, it is. Lifestyle family photography is more spontaneous, more related to the reactions and actions of the subject than the simple pose and look towards the camera. Lifestyle photography is a way to tell the story of your life without using words. In fact, as we all know, an image can convey more meaning than a thousand words. That is why, with just one picture, a lifestyle photographer is able to structure a whole narrative and to pass on a powerful message. 

Probably we are used to thinking about lifestyle photography as something related to fashion, glamour, attractiveness, holidays and rich people. Basically what we are used to seeing in the covers of fashion magazines. Even if it is related to that kind of world, lifestyle photography is more than that. As we previously said, lifestyle photography is focusing on telling the story of the subject, a story with a happy ending, a story with a meaning. This kind of photography establishes also a mood, a style. With this power of creating a mood and a style, lifestyle photography has become one of the greatest resource for photo reports on fashion magazine but also on art magazines. In fact, in lifestyle photography it is possible to find also street photography: it is the everyday life that becomes the centre of the artistic expression. 

On the other side, we can find family portraits and photography, another kind of photography, another kind of story. Family photography is usually linked to poses and fixed backgrounds where all the family sits and waits for the photographer to click on the camera. That was true in the past. In fact, family portraits is one of the first branches of photography. Families from the beginning of the last centuries decided to fix their love and affection for each member through this innovative art, photography. During the years, of course, things have changed and also the fashion and interest in this art have changed. Lately, however, families have rediscovered the pleasure of lifestyle family portraits, thanks also to new techniques and new possibilities.

Lifestyle family photography can be very funny, entertaining, dynamic and full of surprises, especially if it involves children.

Lifestyle family photography can involve games, outside scenarios or everyday objects and it reflects the love and affection of the family toward each member of it. The most important thing for us, as professional family photographers, is that you and your loved ones will be yourself in front of the camera, fear nothing and just show your true self.

summer family photoshoot lifestyle

In both cases, we will direct the subjects of the photos towards the best result and the best angle for taking the picture. However, both cases require a lot of spontaneity and unexpected reactions. Because that is life, and in both kinds of photography life is at the core of the photo session.

So forget about boring and traditional family portraits, forget about glamorous stars on fashion mag covers: we at Studio Milla decided to combine the spontaneous and happy mood of lifestyle family photography, trying to recount the story of your life in a light and engaging way, putting you and your family at the centre of the stage. 

We will create a storytelling – a series of images that will recreate a story – with you and your loved ones as protagonists and we will direct you through the setting leaving to you the spontaneity of actions through the set. Storytelling is a key factor: it is the way the story is told, from the beginning to the end, deciding the number of scenes – images – which will create the narrative. Your story, your family story, will be at the centre of a recreated fairytale, in which, not only excellence and high quality will flow in, but also, above all, a game of inspiration and creativity will take place. Everything becomes important, every detail, every little thing that is part of your life can become part of the scene, in a balanced and lively composition.

As a family, as a unity, you have a kind of super power, being together and being loved: that’s what we want to recreate through your story and through the family photoshoot

Lifestyle family photography will contribute to the narrative of your family story, focusing on all those intimate and natural, unaffected moments that create your love nest.

You will be the centre of the glamour, you will be fashionable and we, as professional family photographers, we will just observe and shoot at the right time, to capture the essence of your family story.