London family portrait photography

Every city has some iconic monuments that everyone, around the world, can easily recognize. Let just think about the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum. As we are in London we can as well find some of these historic landmarks around the city… which can become a perfect setting for a family portrait! 

Being in London and strolling around seeking for incredible spots and almost forgotten walkways is something we all looked forward to doing during our stay in the capital. 

But probably you’ve never thought of the city’s historic landmark as perfect backgrounds for a family photoshoot. As a tourist, we always linger on monuments and landmarks of the country or city we are visiting, and most of the times, we stop by to take a picture under a statue or in front of the parliament. So why have we never considered our city to be part of our family pictures? And instead of going around the city with your family trying to find out a nice and appropriate landscape, why don’t you ask a professional photographer to find out the perfect spot for your London family portrait! 

London's landmarks family photoshoot

London is full of landmarks and monuments that can be a perfect setting for your photo session: just think about the Houses of Parliaments or on the other side of the river the London Eye. The entire Hyde Park is available for your family portrait if you prefer a more natural setting. Do not forget the lovely walk on the Thames from Waterloo to Tower Hill, where you can stop by the Tate Gallery, Shakespeare’s Globe and some lovely buskers along the Queen’s Walk. That’s for sure one of the nicest areas in London for a photo session, especially on sunny days, when trees, the river and the Tower Bridge will shine on you and your loved ones while taking the picture.

vacation family photo session in London

A family portrait is a special moment for all of you. You will spend the day out – or in a studio – posing in front of a professional: sometimes you will feel embarrassed, some kids will be tired or get bored after a while and you will be worrying about keeping them in line. Well, with the opportunity of going around the city, choosing the right setting for your family and being free of being whoever you are it will transform the photo session in a big adventure, especially for your little children. 

With the guidance of a professional photographer who will put you at ease and will engage you during the photo session, your London family portrait will be a complete success!

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