Mother and baby photography

There is an eternal bond between a mother and her children. A bond that transcends time and space and goes beyond one’s imagination. Since the day a woman discovers that she is pregnant her life changes completely and a new phase of her life begins. For sure, it is something that a woman will remember for the rest of her life; but to help her to capture all this amazement and wonderfulness, we are here to accompany her through her journey. How? With the help of a camera and a delicate taste of mother and baby photography.

At Studio Milla, we are more than glad to welcome every future mum who decides to take this artistic journey with us. There is no need to feel anxious or nervous, we will sit down and chat about what you like and what you feel, and we will do everything else we need to organise your Bump To Baby Photoshoot.

We know that it is a particular and special moment in your life, so you will be excited – probably even more than excited – and we will love to be by your side giving you the chance to immortalise all those feelings that are growing inside you on film. We like delicate and artistic photographs, so you will not feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. The slight touch of the hands on the bump, a delicate profile, a full portrait with all the tenderness of a mom expecting her child. We love to capture these feelings and moments so you can preserve them through time and changes. Well, when you will see the result you won’t believe that that’s you! That’s the magic of maternity photography.

As we said, becoming a mother is a journey and we will be by your side… even when your little baby will be born. Yes, that’s true, because, at Studio Milla, we also give the opportunity of taking a photo session of your newborn in a comfortable setting of your own home. A classic black and white, with a splash of creativity, to make the first weeks of your baby’s life a work of art… well, every baby is a work of art, so we just need to capture the magic! We will be glad to accompany you and your family even further, with our special family portrait photoshoot, in which we can become more crazy and creative, letting the love flowing between you, your partner and your children.

Nevertheless, before enjoying family life and all its future adventures, let’s focus on the extraordinary event of becoming a mum. And you will have a beautiful set of photos to remember this journey forever in time.

Mother and baby photography can be a truly joyful experience.

And if done properly, it can create powerful and long-lasting memories. Do you have a specific picture of you and your mum that you absolutely love? We know that everyone definitely got a few pictures in mind that make your heart melt. It’s one of those pictures that are sometimes caught just at the right moment.