Beautiful and natural pregnancy photos London

Ever since Beyoncé released her famous pregnancy photoshoot, people have become interested in taking pregnancy photos. Judging by her photos, she must have an excellent photographer wherever she is. By the way, the word out on the street is, that she actually gave birth to her two new babies in the last couple of days! This is something that we have been waiting for ever since we saw her beautiful pregnancy photos. I can’t wait for the first photos of her new twins. All we can do is wait. However, you too can get in on this trend and can get your pregnancy photos London.

The right time

If you want your pregnancy photos London, you might be asking yourself this question. When should I do it and how big does my baby bump need to be?

best pregnancy photos London

You know, there is no correct answer to this never-ending question. Obviously, you want to have your bump visible for your pregnancy photos. Otherwise, what is the point, right? I generally see women taking photos maybe in their seventh or eighth month. Honestly, I think it’s because of the excitement! Suddenly, these women want to document their pregnancy as their pregnancy journey will reach a totally new milestone. Therefore, I recommend you taking your pregnancy photos London in your seventh or eighth month. Eighth might be even better!

Why not the whole journey

Some couples actually document their whole pregnancy! You know those announcements you get on Facebook. Usually, the couple makes a heart over the belly button and take the picture as soon as they find out they got pregnant. This is of course the first step. Then they take a side picture showing the tummy and document it every single month. Obviously, you’ll have nine beautiful pictures, showing how your baby bump is growing. Many women actually don’t believe how much they have grown. When you are pregnant, you’ll find out that your body is capable of extraordinary things! If I were you, I would go for the option of taking pictures of the entire journey.

Share or not to share

Nowadays, many people share their pregnancy photos from their professional photoshoot on social media. Some keep it just to themselves, as the photos are rather intimate. If I were you, I’d take extra care with what you post online. Once its online, anyone can take the photos. So, be careful where you share. Make sure you don’t post into any groups where you don’t know the members. Set good privacy settings, where only your friends and family can see the photos.
Recently, I noticed that many people have disengaged the share option. In terms of pregnancy photos London, I think this is very wise. This way, people don’t distribute photos that belong to you!

Just don’t do this

It is very understandable, that you want to share your happiness with your friends. However, you should be careful when taking the pregnancy photos. Just recently, I’ve stumbled across the cheesiest pictures I have ever seen in my life! The pictures had a naked couple in them. Yes, completely naked! You heard me right! Plus, it was more about the couple than the actual baby bump. I mean, when women are naked and cover their parts, that is totally normal. But, when men are naked in the photo, this just doesn’t really suit. Furthermore, why would you share these? Fair enough if you do them for yourself. But, why on earth would you want someone else to see these types of pregnancy photos? Very strange. Remember to keep it classy, not trashy!


If you go the option of documenting the whole journey of your baby bump growing, then definitely go for an album! I think that this is a perfectly good way of storing your memories. You can even create a storyline in your album. This will help in explaining your pregnancy to your loved ones. Obviously, you’ll need more than nine photos in order to complete your pregnancy album. I recommend shooting at least fifty pregnancy photos per shoot, with you being in different positions. The more photos you have, the better your album will be!


Got kids already? If you already have children, make sure you include them too! Besides, kids love to be included in photoshoots. Just look at Beyoncé. She also took the decision to include her daughter in her pregnancy photos. Your kids are just a part of your pregnancy. Plus, this can also reduce the future rivalry and jealousy between siblings. You know how children are. They want all your attention of course!

best pregnancy photos London

Indoors vs Outdoors

Many mommies choose for indoor pregnancy photos. Especially here in the UK. This is simply due to the fact, that it’s really cold or windy outside. Heck, it might even be raining. Typical UK weather is not very favourable for outdoor pregnancy photos. Plus, you risk the chance of getting really ill. You know as well as I do, that you shouldn’t take any medication during your entire pregnancy. Therefore, it’s best to have an indoor photoshoot. Plus, I think it’s much more comfortable.
On the other hand, if you live in a warm and sunny place. Go for it! Even better if you live by the beach or if you are on a vacation. You can get absolutely gorgeous pregnancy photos with the sunset sun with the sea in the background.

Large scale print

Nowadays, many future mommies have a large print of their favourite pregnancy photo. They print it out on a large-scale canvas and have it hung in their homes. If you are lucky enough to have a large apartment in London with enough wall space, then I encourage you to do it! Your photo can be considered as a stunning piece of art that all your guests will absolutely adore. Did I tempt you yet? You’ll see pregnancy photoshoots are a lot of fun!

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