Professional Teen Photography

Professional teen photography can change all that and put you at the advantageous position. Fellow parents! Listen up. Are you trying to admit your teenagers into an above average or excellent academic institution? Nowadays, things are much more complicated that they appear. Creating that perfect admissions photo might just make the difference between getting in or not and changing your child’s life. Teenagers portraits can be used for multiple things. Among those which I have mentioned above, you can also use them for high school photos, job interviews or even portraits to be hanged at home. You name it. The list goes on and on.

However, so I don’t bore your eyes, I’ll just go into the top reasons teen photography portraits are great. Admit it- we all have a bad photo somewhere out there.

Do you have a really bad yearbook photo? Did you ever regret taking a really bad photo? Personally, I have a few like this. When I go through the high school yearbook, usually stacked away so no one can find it, my stomach flips. Unfortunately, back then, my judgement of a good portrait or a good photo was awful. Therefore, I am stuck with a really bad portrait that everyone will refer to. Imagine being remembered by a hideous photo. I’ve come to terms with it. However, I think my experience should inspire you to take some action.

I think having teen portrait professionally done can just save your life long reputation. You academic fellows will remember you in a good way, or at least will have someone else to tease about a hideous picture. Usually, these pictures make it on a projector screen during a school reunion. Therefore, I never attend. I truly wish that my parents back then got me professional shots. Would have made my life slightly simpler.

Get used to making good first impressions

As I mentioned before, teen portraits are an excellent idea to make your children advance in life. It gives them the upper-hand on many other things like getting into University.

Nowadays, the application forms are getting more complex every year. I’ve come across many applications, even back in the days, where the universities had asked for us to submit a portrait. At first, I wasn’t a big fan. Why in the heck would you need a photograph of my child? Aren’t excellent results enough?

Till this day, I don’t understand why this is a strict requirement of some universities. I like to judge a child’s potential by their hard work, which is reflected of course by their academic results. I had to make peace with the fact that these things matter.

Never, and I mean never, submit a cropped photo. Moreover, these can also be considered as really disastrous photos that will make that academic application head straight for the rejection file. You should avoid: dark photos, photos where more people are present, photos were your teens are wearing or doing something inappropriate. And don’t use a picture from holidays where your teen is somewhere in the background.

High quality creative teen photography matter!

Making a lovely close up of your teens facial features can create an imagine of a self-confident student, ready for any personal, academic or professional challenge.

Talking about professional challenges, the job market out there is super tough these days. Let’s not pretend that it isn’t and ignore the situation. There are many things that can help you get that upper-hand on other candidates. In the UK, it’s not very common to submit a portrait or a photograph with your CV or in a job application. However, you’ll find, that more and more, this is becoming a reality or rather a nightmare.

Today, many banks and large multinational enterprises request a photograph of the candidate upfront. You might this that this is just a silly administrative procedure. It is not. Submitting a good portrait can make or break your child’s future. It’s the same as deciding to wear inappropriate clothes for a job interview.

In fact, making the correct impressions during job interviews and applications has become an entire industry. Did you know that in Japan, young teenagers, or rather their parents, pay up to 10,000 dollars for a weekly course on how to make a good first impression at the new potential employer.

Asian parents in US spend thousands and thousands of dollars to educate their children on how to behave during job interviews.

Of course, they too, hire a professional photographer to capture those perfect teenagers portraits. Again, it’s an entire industry. And believe it or not, this really had a long-lasting effect on your teenager’s chances on landing that job. As the economy is getting worse and worse, you might want to make this tiny investment into their big future.

Teen photography is especially popular during graduations. I had mine professionally taken of course. Until this day, my grandmother goes on and on how perfect that photograph is. Of course she shows it off to all her friends. It was an excellent investment. Not only do I look great in that photo, but the lighting and clarity of that portrait is perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better graduation picture to remember the day I finally left school.

That’s the beauty of teen photography. You get to keep those stunning photos forever and boost your teen’s confidence with professional photoshoot.