Bump photoshoot ideas

Becoming pregnant is something unique and exciting, something that will change your lives forever. Before reaching the great day, however, when finally, your baby will be in your arms, there’s a lot to do and think about. But of course, there can be also good and jolly moments when you can feel like a star. A star because you will be at the centre of the stage in a bump photoshoot! 

As a matter of fact, maternity photography can be very intriguing and rewarding, both for the professional and for the mum: choosing the right setting, the right light, the right moment and pose. Luckily enough, we at Studio Milla we had the opportunity to work with a lot of becoming mums and we have discovered many creative and lovely poses for your baby bump photoshoot. Let’s go through them together!

  • Laying down 

This is a classic pose but also a perfect angle for a bump photo. You will simply be lying on your back thus highlighting your bump, and, no need to say, it is also a very flattering pose!

  • Peeking or hide and seek

Do you prefer something funnier and more entertaining? Well, there’s the idea: playing hide and seek with your bump! Just hide behind a tree in the garden, or a door, or a closet… and just your belly will be peeking out. 

  • From the above

A photo from the top will get straight to the core of it: you bump will be captured in all its beauty. Another idea can be an upside-down kiss, or, to better say, you will lay or sit down and your partner will kiss you from above, giving a romantic stance to the framing. 

  • Shadows and black and white

A great photography technique is the black and white portrait. Of course, it can be applied also to maternity photo shootings, giving it a classical and eternal setting. However, it is possible to use colours and also play with shadows, highlighting the belly through silhouettes and games of light and shades. 

  • Back to back

This pose instead involves also your partner, in what can be a funny but also lovely picture. A back to back session, in which you bump will stand out… or it can be compared with the belly of your partner! 

And of course, there will be time also for the classic pose of your partner hugging your belly and why not, also some photos while he is playing around with it, laying his ear on it or trying to lift it up! 

Whatever pose you choose your bump photoshoot will be your special moment before the big day!