Family pet photography London

Let me tell you about my most recent experience. Dogs are just as a large part of the family photography as any other family member. It is always sad to think that other people don’t explore family pet photography. You shouldn’t wait until the end.

Let me tell you what happened. I was really touched by my last client who requested that I take pictures of their dog. I immediately said – Of course!! Naturally, I was very excited as I adore all types of animals. In fact, their little doggie was a cute little York terrier. My daughter always wanted a dog or a cat, so I am very keen to work with animals.

Sadly to say, I want to dedicate this post to my clients’ little York terrier, who had the most gorgeous eyes. They originally bought her in California, but have been living here in London. She was 16 years old when was diagnosed with cancer. The vet said that she has only few days or weeks to live. How tragic! Hence, the family thought it fitting to document the memory of their pooch one last time.

We spent an amazing time together in Chelsea and I did my best to take beautiful pictures of the family and some portraits of the dog. Sadly she passed away a few days after our family photoshoot. At least they have some memories kept on the photographs. That’s the part of my job I really love. The ability to keep the memories forever!!!

family pet photography London

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