Top 5 reasons why I adore kids photography

As a children and family photographer, I encounter children almost everyday. That’s of course, one of the main reason why I genuinely love my job. Kids photography is amazing.

I got into kids photography years and years ago when my daughter was born. I loved my daughter so much, I used to take pictures of her at almost any occasion. As my daughter grew older, people started to give me feedback that I have a genuine talent for kids photography. Ever since, I have been working on growing my talents and today I have years of experience behind me and a large portfolio of happy clients. I honestly love being a professional children and family photographer; I get to do newborn, family and kids photography on a daily basis. Once again – I really love my job and I consider myself truly blessed.

Easter holidays are just around the corner

Have you got kids at school at the moment, waiting immensely for the upcoming Easter holidays? Well, as a parent, you are probably thinking – oh god, here it comes. Deep spring cleaning, pushing kids to do their homework or to play outside instead of sitting at the computer, etc. All of this awaits. However, there is one thing that you can really look forward to and that is kids photography.

Easter time is a very good time to book a session for family or kids photography as kids are more relaxed and are generally more playful. Trust me, this does translate into my photos.

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As a professional children and family photographer in London, I get into contact with several families per day. I love seeing my returning clients and meeting my new clients with their gorgeous children. Children are truly fun and exciting. I think it’s because I have a child of my own, I can connect to my clients’ families so well. In any case, in this post, I am hoping to give you an idea just how much I am passionate about kids photography. In fact, I am going to detail to you the top 5 reasons who I adore kids photography for a photographer’s point of view.

Reason 1: Meeting lovely people
The first thing a really love about kids photographer from a professional photographer’s point of view is the fact that I meet amazing families. Again, as mentioned above, I love all my clients. I love meeting new people and spending time with them. I am a very open-minded person, and I feel that I can accommodate the need of any family. But, really the part is getting to know new wonderful people.

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Reason 2: Find new secret locations every day
You know, I am accustomed to knowing some secret spots in London here and there for family and kids photography. But sometimes, my amazing clients keep surprising me with new locations. If a client of mine requests to meet at a certain location, I agree without hesitation. Remember, these photos are yours forever and it should be meaningful you; even when it comes to the location.

I remember, one of my clients recently surprised me with their secret location for their kids photography photo shoot. And I must say, this location was truly perfect. I didn’t even know about it. Haha! Naturally, I can’t reveal the exact location as it is a secret- so shhhhh! I am bound to secrecy, wink wink! But, the lesson here is, the I even get to learn something new when it comes to kids photography.

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Reason 3: The colours and themes are amazing

When it comes to working with children, I always tend to use a lot of colour and fun themes. I imagine kids photography to be a joyous and a happy moment, and being an artist I automatically associate the typical happy colours. Such as yellow, orange, pink, etc. That being said, if your child has gorgeous green greyish eyes for example, a stunning dark red background does the trick as well as red and green are complementary colours on the colour wheel. This combination just works.

Reason 4: Children grow up so incredible fast
Yes, this unfortunately is true. This happens in the blink of an eye- don’t you think so? I mean, if I compare this to my daughter, it feels just like yesterday when I held her in my hands for the first time. Really, it is scary to think that she is thirteen now and on to puberty. Well, I am up for an interesting period, however, I love her to bits.

Nonetheless, I also have a chance to see this phenomenon of rapid growth with my returning clients. My returning clients usually work with forever just after a single session with me. Maybe it’s the fact that I love children, my quality of work or my sense of customer service. But it seems that I am doing something right – aren’t I? Still, when I start with a new family, I hold their first portrait very dearly. Years later when the kids grow up and start changing, I can visibly see the change myself. All I need to do is to just use the first photo ever taken as a point of reference.

In either case, it just comes to show how children change so fast. Sometimes, it’s not even that obvious but they really do change. Every – single- day! Really! I know my daughter does. It’s like someone pressed the fast-forward button on her. Thank god I’ve made so many frames from her kids photography days.

Reason 5: Become a part of the family
Again, my return clients book me from their first session almost every year. Sometimes, even more that once. So I end up attending the important family events like christenings, birthdays, graduations and so much more. It feels like I am becoming a part of the family, and I am really. It’s a wonderful feeling. I really love my job – I have to say it once