The secrets of a London children photographer

Children can be challenging. Everyone who has a kid in their life knows that! Of course, children are lovely, they are entertaining, enjoyable, funny and full of creativity and ideas. But at the same time, they can be difficult and not easy to work with… work? Well, if you are a London children photographer you will have to work with them! So that’s the real challenge for a kids photographer. Even if kids can take it as a game, even if they will have fun on a set, the photographer needs to find out some tips and tricks in order to make the most beautiful photos they can! 

What are the secrets of a children’s photographer then? First of all, choosing the right setting: outdoor or indoor backgrounds make a great difference. Outdoor settings comprehend parks, streets or other public spaces, where it is possible to use colours and natural lights to spice up the portraits. While during indoor photo sessions, the children photographer can use a softer light, softer colours and setting to create a more intimate working space, especially if the children are very young (as for what concerns us, we prefer to do newborn photo sessions at the family’s home, to avoid stress). 

In in order to achieve great children’s portraits, another tip is to allow games during the photo session. There’s nothing more special for a kid than to become his/her favourite superhero or heroine. Or to live and adventure as an explorer, a pirate or whatever comes to their minds! And of course, as a children’s photographer, you can include games and props in the frame. They will add a funny and glamorous touch to the entire scene! 

It is very important also to use different angles and techniques. Children are versatile so you should behave a little bit like them as well! You need to play at their own level, they need to feel comfortable and to act as if they are with friends or familiar faces. 

But above all, the secret for a great children photography session is to let them be natural!

There’s nothing more inspiring that a lovely smile on a happy face right? So, let them just be kids and move around the set – whatever and wherever it is – and be ready to capture the best out of them! They can smile, they can show off their strength, they can make funny faces towards the camera, but, however, they will be beautiful and their lovely pictures will be forever part of the family’s memories.