London family portrait photographer Notting Hill

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Finding the right one

Finding a good and credible family portrait photographer can be a pain.

For those of you, who don’t know where Notting Hill is, it’s located in the western part of London. Although, Notting Hill as a neighbourhood has a very good reputation amongst Londoners. Definitely one of the trendiest neighbourhoods out there. Very cosmopolitan I dare say! Also known for Notting Hill Carnival, which brings music, colours and thousands of people every summer.

Occasionally, you also get celebrity sightings here and there, if you are lucky. What I love about Notting Hill are the Victorian Houses. I’d love to have those in my background for my professional photographs. Luckily, there is a fantastic London children and family portrait photographer Notting Hill. Your search just got easier guys!

Lots and lots of kids there

Moreover, Notting Hill is very well-known for having lots of children. You can see the occasional mummy walking with her pram when the weather allows. I don’t know about you guys, but this stormy weather that we’ve been having in Europe lately, is driving me a little crazy.

best London family portrait photographer Notting Hill
London family portrait photographer Notting Hill

Don’t get me wrong, I love thunderstorms. But having kids home, having them jump in your bed in the middle of the night out of fear can become a hassle.

Speaking of kids, if you’re really thinking of getting a London children and family portrait photographer Notting Hill, you might want to also think about organizing group photos.

Since Notting Hill is full of kids and full of colourful houses, you can literally get stunning photos full of joy and colour. Very high energy. Even if you go for black and white photography, the different colours will show up on the photos nicely in terms of contrast. Would you go for colourful photos or black and white portraits?

Personally, I tend to prefer the black and white portraits. They appear to be more sophisticated than the other types of photos. If you take the Victorian Houses into consideration, you can truly create something meaningful.

Other ideas

Do you feel like you are spending too much time in Notting Hill and you want your children and family portrait photographer to meet you elsewhere? I suggest organizing a photoshoot in the lovely Hyde Park before all the leaves go. Can’t get any more beautiful photos than in this famous park in the heart of the city!


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